Friday, October 30, 2015

Enjoying autumn

The warmth of the summer is still lingering in our region but 
it is more than evident that autumn is in full swing. 
This season has always delighted me and I’m in awe of all 
the changes around me. 
Staying in the moment through it all is really worthwhile. 

Heading to my veranda with some new flea finds, a blanket, some 
quinces and my last roses, put a little bit of excitement up in my 
afternoon, this is what I was looking for on a drab Sunday. 
We have already scrubbed down the most of the outdoor furniture 
and placed it in the attic. Bulky items have been covered up and the 
space looks gloomily empty. Nevertheless, every time I go upstairs 
I am impressed by the improvement of the plants 
once the weather turned cooler.

Our white bougainvilleas seem to appreciate the chiller mornings 
and the low-lying sun. Foliages have enhanced their green color 
and jasmine fills the air with its piercingly sweet scent.

The Dutch enamel kettle and my china floral teapot helped me to create
 an autumnal display together with the wild cyclamens, roses and
 greenery animating this way the devoid of life roof terrace. 
Such a shame that we are not able anymore to enjoy the outside space,
 sometimes it would be perfect to do so.

This vivid autumn palette proves that autumn can be beautifully 
being experienced. Nature has still some flings before settling down
 into winter’s sleep. In the meanwhile I am here to savor the season
 of harvest, winterize my home and outwit the challenges 
of the upcoming season.

Wishing you the loveliest autumn days

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