Friday, October 30, 2015

Enjoying autumn

The warmth of the summer is still lingering in our region but 
it is more than evident that autumn is in full swing. 
This season has always delighted me and I’m in awe of all 
the changes around me. 
Staying in the moment through it all is really worthwhile. 

Heading to my veranda with some new flea finds, a blanket, some 
quinces and my last roses, put a little bit of excitement up in my 
afternoon, this is what I was looking for on a drab Sunday. 
We have already scrubbed down the most of the outdoor furniture 
and placed it in the attic. Bulky items have been covered up and the 
space looks gloomily empty. Nevertheless, every time I go upstairs 
I am impressed by the improvement of the plants 
once the weather turned cooler.

Our white bougainvilleas seem to appreciate the chiller mornings 
and the low-lying sun. Foliages have enhanced their green color 
and jasmine fills the air with its piercingly sweet scent.

The Dutch enamel kettle and my china floral teapot helped me to create
 an autumnal display together with the wild cyclamens, roses and
 greenery animating this way the devoid of life roof terrace. 
Such a shame that we are not able anymore to enjoy the outside space,
 sometimes it would be perfect to do so.

This vivid autumn palette proves that autumn can be beautifully 
being experienced. Nature has still some flings before settling down
 into winter’s sleep. In the meanwhile I am here to savor the season
 of harvest, winterize my home and outwit the challenges 
of the upcoming season.

Wishing you the loveliest autumn days


  1. Beautiful post, such gorgeous vibrant colours. Cyclamens are a favourite of mine at this time of year. Have a lovely weekend. Leah xxx

  2. Wonderful pictures, lovely white bougainvillea.
    Have a nice weekend
    Hugs Maria

  3. Again you have taken such colourful and vibrant photos. They brighten up this very dull and windy day

  4. So much lush colour. These images have lifted my mood wonderfully! Have a great weekend!

  5. It is always interesting to compare our temperatures and see the things you are able to still achieve. Your autumn colours are gorgeous! Sarah x

  6. What a colorful post !! it...deels like summer again yes !!...happy weekend love Ria x

  7. Lieve Olympia,

    De prachtige kleuren spatten weer van mijn scherm af, heerlijk om te zien wat het najaar jou te bieden heeft aan verse bloemen geplukt in tuin of veld. Zie ik het goed een Cistus Creticus op de koffie/theepot?

    Ben niet dol op de Cyclamen die wij in Nederland kennen als kamerplant, maar de wilde bloemen van deze plant in mooi melkkannetje zijn ook voor mij een streling voor het oog,

    Fijn weekeind en lieve groet,

  8. Your blanket is fabulous isn't it! Makes a great backdrop for everything else. xx

  9. Oh such bright and cheery photos. I need them on this blustery dark day at The Stone House on the Hill! We are scheduled to harvest olives today if the wind has left any on the trees (you might see some flying past your house soon). The flowers are gorgeous here with the roses budding and just starting to bloom after a severe trimming a few weeks ago. You've given me an idea with the wild cyclamen - I have some in the grove and will make a bouquet after harvest! Have a great weekend~ Hugs, Your neighbor, Jackie

  10. Preciosa entrada, me encantan las vasijas de barro que hacen de jarrón, y esa manta de grannies es todo una preciosidad.

  11. Your post is full of fantastic colors. Great!

  12. so beautiful , your blog . Thank you for visiting mine and leaving such a kind comment .
    It is so wonderful to meet people all over the world . It must be so wonderful where you live,
    The colors in your blog remind me of Carol's blog http://artandsand.blogspot. and also the blog of Madelief http://madeliefje-madelief.blogspot. Do you follow them ? Happy november to you

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  14. Oh such wonderful colour in your post, lovely to look at and read.

    ... and that scent of Jasmine must be wonderful!

    Enjoy the last day of October and all good wishes for November.

    All the best Jan

  15. What a beautiful flower you've got!
    And the Roses and white bougainvillea .... lovely!
    It likes summer instead of autumn!
    I have enjoy your beautiful colorful log!

    Love, Gerry

  16. Amazing how much color you still have in your garden , and the Jasmine is still flowering , wow ! As always you really know how to create the right feeling with your staging, just lovely ! Have a nice sunday.

  17. You have some beautiful colours and scents lingering in your garden, enjoy the lovely autumn. Hx

  18. Beautiful photographs and post. Thank you

    The colder days can be invigorating as well as inspiring. I'll sit outdoors to watch the sparrows flying about, listen to the snow fall or feel a November wind.

  19. Still so many colours in this season, it looks wonderful Olympia. Last week we also had some beautiful autumn days with a lot of sunshine...that always makes me happy :-)!

    Wish you a wonderful week. Sending hugs, Ingrid

  20. Πανέμορφα χρώματα ! Τα κυκλαμινάκια είναι τα αγαπημένα μου.
    Καλό μήνα!

  21. Love all your bright and beautiful photos...such a colourful treat! Our autumn is settling in now here in the UK, and we have had such a grey misty day, full of atmosphere :) Wishing you a happy November, dear Olympia.
    Helen xox

  22. Hello dear Olympia, beautiful photos of lovely flowers, just like summer. Had to imagine it is also Autumn where you live. I too enjoy Autumn especially the beautiful colours. Here in the south of England we've had a few days of heavy mist, so it all looks rather mysterious and quiet. Wishing you a lovely week. Sharon x

  23. What beautiful colors. The photos put me back to the summer.
    Hugs from here

  24. Hello Olympia.
    This is such an uplifting post. We have had rain for over a week now. No sign of sun.
    I am doing the same thing. Outside furniture stacking up to put away.
    I will keep one little area under my eaves on the front patio..for coffee time.
    Our days are getting colder.
    Autumn here . My flowers have gone wild with the strange weather patterns.
    Your photos are beautiful.. love your granny blanket ..
    wishing you a happy week.
    val x

  25. SUch colour.... brightens up a very dull winter's day!!

  26. This post made me happy, Olympia. The cheery flowers, your beautiful pots, the crochet, such bright, happy colors.

  27. Lovely pictures of Autumn, Olympia. The scent of jasmine is Nel's favorite scent. I love your Dutch tea kettle, and I think that was my favorite picture of all. What a cute idea to put flowers in the tea pot.

    Happy November.

    love, ~Sheri

  28. Lovely pictures...and it´s looks so warm and nice at your place! November is such a dull month here, dark and rainy...
    Have a great sunday and take care now!

  29. These bright, clear and vibrant colors are just what I needed Olympia. Your beautiful afghan looks like it's going to serve you well. How I envy all the color you still have on your garden!


  30. There is so much vibrancy in your photos!! It's hard to believe they are autumn pictures! I must be your location - so much warmer than here in Toronto!

  31. L'automne est plein de couleurs mais aussi de douceur chez toi Olympia!
    Un automne magnifique cette année et qui va j'espère rester ensoleillé le plus longtemps possible.
    C'est si bon de lézarder au soleil!

  32. I would love to grow quinces Olympia....they are supposed to smell wonderful when you bring them indoors ? Love the dark berries on the purple stems and I spy a lovely crochet blanket ....very nice .....enjoy autumn ...over here it is blowing and stormy and the days are already short and dark...time to hibernate with the wood fire and candle light under a cosy blanket...have a good week...Gail x

  33. Dear Olympia,

    I can see you are enjoying Autumn with all your pretty flower photographs and love the beautiful crocheted blanket.
    Happy week

  34. Olimpia,
    love, love for your colours!


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