Sunday, October 18, 2015

My first afghan

An open air bazaar is yearly held in my husband’s home town 
on the occasion of the patron saint celebrations. 
It’s an important event even if it does not appeal to me.
However, the youngest member of our family finds it very funny 
and cool and never wants to miss it. It’s actually a huge fair, a street
 market and regardless if you are going to buy something or not, 
sometimes a walk among the stands can be revealing. 
She was determined to spend her pocket money on trifles, 
that is what she did. I come to the point. 

Five euros for five skeins of yarn, an inspiring gift for the mom! 
It automatically made it all worthwhile. Cheap yarn, not so bad after 
all, chosen by my girl! That’s how I have got around to starting 
this afghan, my first one. 

I bought some grey yarn to join the squares and here it is! 
Despite autumn’s fall the sun keeps shining and my little blanket 
was exposed outdoors, on the roof terrace and in the garden.

Experienced crocheters will certainly find many mistakes but it is
 inevitable in crocheting, isn’t it? I'm not sure which house this blanket 
will end up in ... Maybe in the country home; it will fit perfectly well in 
our rural living room I think.

If you have read my blog for a while, you will know that I willingly 
succumb to the charm of a real and authentic autumn season 
that is not our case, alas! Indian summer has 
no intention of surrendering… 
  Isn’t it time to go inside, put a large sweater on, take a warm cup 
of tea and curl up with a book? Counting on the cozy feeling 
of my little afghan, hope fall will finally make a decent appearance!
Sending some of that superfluous sunshine where there is need of!


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