Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Paris - Place du Tertre

“In this bizarre land swarmed a host of colourful artists,
writers, painters, musicians, sculptors, architects, a few with
their own places but most in furnished lodgings, surrounded by
the workers of Montmartre, the starchy ladies of the rue Breda,
the retired folk of Batignolles, sprouting up all over the place,
like weeds. Montmartre was home to every kind of artist.
"Felicien Champsaur"

It was a drizzling dreary day when I took those photos, so bitter 
cold outside and my heavy wool gloves weren’t adapted to 
my shooting operations… Nevertheless, I think the colors have been 
captured beautifully giving an idea of what this picturesque square 
looks like in an off-season period.

La Place du Tertre is one of Paris’ most loved neighbourhoods
in the district of Montmartre which still has something
of the atmosphere and vibrancy of its glorious past.
Tertre square was once the gathering place of painters,
composers and poets who have written history.
Legendary residents disappeared quite a long time ago
and nowadays the square is filled with street artists
who are not without talent.
The big difference is that now, they are mostly working 
arriere-garde,their sketches are interesting though.

Our daughter insisted on having her own portrait drawn
 and she wasn’t wrong. Of course, there is no Van Gogh 
signature below but the outcome has pleased us a lot.

Until the street artist completed his task we were watching the
 bustle of the neighbourhood at an outdoor café . 
The City of Lights always brims with life 
and culture and this is exactly what attracts me more in Paris.

Source of inspiration for many famous artists such as Pissarro,
Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, Modigliani and Picasso, this 
square encouraged artistic movements such as 
Impressionism and Surrealism.

Renoir and Monet models
in the Grevin museum of Paris.

I have spent weeks in Paris and never tired of it. 
I think Paris have a special appeal in winter and the wonderful 
Montmartre quarter is always a fun place to visit and not to be missed.

Hope you are enjoying fall and all the beauty that comes with it! 


  1. I have been close by, but never visited Paris ... perhaps I should.
    Lovely photographs Olympia and I love the fact that the umbrella's look so colourful.

    The Fall / Autumn is a most special time of year.

    All the best Jan

  2. I have been close by, but never visited Paris ... perhaps I should.
    Lovely photographs Olympia and I love the fact that the umbrella's look so colourful.

    The Fall / Autumn is a most special time of year.

    All the best Jan

  3. What a beautiful pictures of a great city!!

  4. I am in love with these wonderful's always great to be there. The last time was a few months ago, the weather was wonderful and we walked hours and hours. Thanks for sharing Paris in winter!

    Hugs, Ingrid

  5. This post retrieved lots of memories of Paris, especially Place du Tertre. I love visiting Paris and have been there several times with my sister, my daughters and husband. First time was with my sister when we were only 20 and that time we had ourselves portraited on Place du Tertre. The not too bad drawing is still hanging in my bedroom.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful winter pictures of Paris!

  6. Thank you for the lovely Paris post.
    I want a fireplace, comfy blanket, and a window to look out on the square. For now, I can dream.

  7. Nice picture's from a verry beautiful city...
    I love autumn...the colours...the smell...the long evenings...
    Nice post Olympia.

    Autumn Greetings,
    Inge, my choice

  8. So beautiful! Glad you had a great time!! xx

  9. What a lovely picture you have painted of Paris. Your mix of words and photos is beautiful. We are enjoying our autumn - right here in The Stone House on the HIll! Happy weekend ahead Olympia.

  10. Belle présentation de l'ambiance de cette place ... j'ai vécu pas très loin il y a 20 ans et c'est un coin vraiment spécial. Tu sais que je vis à 80 kms de Paris ? Quand tu y reviens, fais moi signe... Amicalement, géraldine

    1. Non, je ne le savais pas chere Geraldine! C'est tellement gentil de ta part, merci! Qui sait, peut-etre qu'on se rencontre dans l'avenir... Ca me ferait vraiment plaisir.J"ai passe un mois de vacances dans les Yvelines, a Maule quand j'avais 14 ans!

  11. Ohhhh Paris, que maravillosa ciudad, llena de grandes artistas. Las fotos son preciosas.

  12. Graceful Paris. Your photographs capture the creativity and beauty of the place. It is my favourite city for strolling, watching, sitting in cafes and thinking. Lovely post. Sam

  13. You have captured November in Paris beautifully and your words evoke the spirit of the many painters who have passed that way. Having seen your images I now look forward to heading off to Paris at Christmastime to be with my eldest son and his family.

  14. You've been a wonderful visit to Paris!
    I enjoyed your beautiful photos!

    With love, Gerry

  15. Gracias por este maravilloso paseo. :)))

  16. What beautiful photos from Paris. Love the artists.
    Hugs from here

  17. Hi dear Olympia, I love Paris too! And I can totally see you captured the light and the slightly cold atmosphere in your photos, they are beautiful! I love art as well, and watching artists do their thing is really special. Have a lovely week. Sharon x

  18. Parigi è la mia città del cuore,ci ho vissuto 5 anni da giovane e ci tornerei subito a vivere ancora oggi. Anche a me piace il fatto che c'è vita e movimento continuamente 24 ore al giorno ! Abbraccio.

  19. Oh Paris. Beautiful and memorable any time of the year. Thanks for sharing your visit!

  20. J'ai visité Paris tous les ans en hiver pendant plus de 30 ans, en voyage d'affaires, en plus des visites d'été en famille, et presque à chaque fois, j'ai pris le temps de faire un tour à Montmartre, au Sacré Coeur et à la place du Tertre, pour déjeuner sur la place ou dans les petits restaurants et revivre l'atmosphère si spéciale de cet endroit magique!!! Tes photos sont fantastiques, ma chère Olympia! Merci pour ce partage! Gros bisous!!!

  21. Wonderful to see Paris in the soft light of autumn! So lovely to see the street artists and the carousel and all the beautiful architecture. A special treat and a joy to see. Wishing you a happy and relaxing weekend. xo Karen

  22. How wonderful! I have always wanted to visit Paris. Now I think I would like autumn best there, it looks like a beautiful season. Thank you for sharing, Olympia. I hope you have a good weekend, take care.

  23. Your Paris pictures are wonderful, Olympia. May the light shine on its people right now.

    love, ~Sheri

  24. Montmartre is one of my favorite places in Paris, it has a wonderful atmosphere too. I first visited it with my parents forty years ago and I still remember the enjoyment of sitting in one of the pavement cafes watching the artists and the world go by. The light was wonderful when you visited, was it on your holiday there last winter? Sarah x

  25. Paris is my favourite city, your photos of Montmartre have me longing to go back again, thank you for sharing them. Hx

  26. These are such wonderful pictures of beautiful Paris.....I too love Montmartre and have had my portrait drawn there.....such a magical city and so glad you celebrated it here.
    Helen xox

  27. I've loved all my visits to Paris. It is a pleasure to see it through your eyes.

  28. Paris is such a lovely city ....thinking of it now especially with love ...and praying for peace ....Gail x

  29. sad town now.

    Thank you for your pictures!

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