Sunday, November 22, 2015

Birthday meal in the garden

Fall is the time that ushers in many celebrations, my daughter’s 
birthday coming first in October. We are usually concerned 
about the weather as her birthday party is organized as one 
last gathering outdoors; in the middle of the season things 
start to change though.The weather is cooling down and a 
crispness is in the air. Habitually...
Who could ever imagine that there could be another 
version of summer in the thick of the season?

Mowing the grass shorter before guests arrive.

In fact, the weather remains surprisingly warm so far. 
That day, we enjoyed a bright, sunny meeting in the town
 garden. Miss V. needed a day of complete rest, just a peaceful 
family meal, that would be all. Teens might seem bored by 
the prospect of spending time with relatives but fortunately 
that is not our case, at least for the moment! 

So this opportunity provided a good excuse to indulge in 
great foods and BBQ delicacies. I’m giving you here a short 
peek into my daughter’s birthday celebration. 

My sweet little niece

Capturing candid family moments, creating a little 
“time capsule” of our lives, this is bliss. 

Tiramisu home baked cake!
Candle number two drowned into the soft 
mascarpone mixture!

A joy-filled day. Completely enjoyable 
and just what we all wanted.



In in this unpredictable world…
a world of unthinkable disorders… 
when things change in an instant…

Let’s enjoy life to the fullest !!!

Don’t let fear control how we live our lives!
Let's dream! Let love rule our lives!
Dear, treasured friends, 
thank you for still being here.
Be blessed and pray !


  1. Hello dear Olympia, this post brought a smile to my lips, lots of bougainvilla, hot pink, sunshine and warmth on a very cold and windy Sunday here in England. I couldn't agree with you more. We should take pleasure in the every day things that give us joy. Life is short and unpredictable. Lovely post. Wishing your daughter a lovely birthday. Sharon x

  2. Lovely photo's of the party Olympia. It all looks so summery! Happy belated birthday to your daughter!

    Madelief x

  3. Happiest Birthday Daughter of Olympia!
    Beautiful party, everything looks so perfect. Adorable napkins. I'm glad to see the weather was nice.
    The bowl of salad took my breath away. :)

  4. What a lovely, bright and cheery post. It has certainly warmed me up on this freezing evening, with howling winds in the UK xxxx.

  5. What a lovely, bright and cheery post. It has certainly warmed me up on this freezing evening, with howling winds in the UK xxxx.

  6. These pictures make me smile on this cold, windy and rainy day here. Your daughter got the perfect day under the flowering Bougainvilleas, with delicious food and most important a happy family around her.

  7. Lovely pictures. It's cold her in Sweden now, so I really lika looking att your warm photos.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    Hugs Maria

  8. Happy birthday to your daughter, dear Olympia! It was really great the sun was shining so bright. I can imagine that made you very happy.

    Wish you a wonderful week! Sending hugs, Ingrid

  9. Lieve Olympia,

    Je dochterlief had zich geen mooiere dag kunnen wensen,buiten bij stralende zonneschijn in kleurige bloementuin, met feestelijk gedekte tafel vol lekkers je verjaardag vieren samen met familie,hoe fantastisch is dat.

    Hier heeft het vannacht gevroren en toen manlief vroeg in de ochtend vertrok om hobby beurs te bezoeken moest hij eerst de autoruiten ontdoen van laag bevroren rijp.
    Heb de pompoenen die buiten op herfst tafel liggen maar zolang binnen gelegd voordat ze bevriezen.

    Hoe het leven te leven op de dag van vandaag geeft mij een dubbel gevoel,het kan zomaar van de ene minuut op de andere wreed verstoord worden....helaas.

    Lieve groet,Ger

  10. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful country and to have such mild weather!
    I am sure your party was fantastic!!!! Best wishes to your sweet daughter, dear Olympia!!!!

  11. Let love rule our lives, that is a great thought. Your daughter's birthday looks relaxing and the photos are so pretty. I like the tulips bowing down.

  12. I am lovin' all the pink on here today. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter, Olympia. The tiramisu looks delicious. I've only had this one time and it was so good. The pink tulips, the pink pillows, and the pink flowers in your garden are all so pretty for this special occasion. The food looks delicious too and prepared with love.

    It is our Thanksgiving on Thursday, and I am thankful for your friendship, Olympia.

    love, ~Sheri

  13. Quel bel anniversaire pour ta fille, Olympia! Je lui offre à mon tour tous mes voeux.
    Le temps merveilleux quenous avons eu en novembre se prêtait bien à fêter dehors cette belle journée.
    J'aime beaucoup les touches de rouge sur plusieurs de tes photos!
    Bonne semaine à toi.

  14. A lovely post Olympia. You are so right. Thank you for sharing your family celebration - love, flowers, joy, sunshine. Lovely.

  15. Feliz cumpleaños a tu hija Olympia!!! que maravilloso dia y que estupenda comida, rodeada de tanta belleza de planta y sol.

  16. Happy birthday to your daughter , Olympia.
    We are so blessed to have still such a lovely , spring-time weather!
    I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner and we can stay outdoors for coffee and /or lunch.
    Thank you for sharing your photos and thoughts with us.
    Have a lovely week.

  17. Hi Olympia, I've been away for so long, What a lot I have been missing!
    Happy Birthday for your sweet daughter, Aren't we lucky with this glorious weather? Let's hope it keeps up a bit longer.
    Fabulous pictures as always.
    Susan. xxx

  18. Quelles belles photos ! Je suiscontente de savoir que tout le monde va bien .... belle fête pour ta fille dans un joli jardin .... bonne semaine ! Amicalement,

  19. Congratulations on the birthday of your daughter, dear Olympia!
    What have you give her a beautiful day and how nice that you could still celebrate at outside.
    Can imagine that this happy days are in your family.
    Whe had also a warm autumn, but now it has turned to cold and raining.
    Have a nice week!

    With love, Gerry

  20. I felt as if I were there peeking through the gate watching a warm family get together on a 'summer's' afternoon. Happy wishes to your daughter. Hasn't the weather been simply spectacular??? Happy week ahead, my friend! xxx

  21. Όμορφες ,γλυκές οικογενειακές στιγμές είναι αυτό που έχουμε πλέον στους δύσκολους αυτούς καιρούς .Χρόνια πολλά στην πριγκιπέσα σου ,γερή ,δυνατή ,χαρούμενη και ευτυχισμένη !

  22. That looks a wonderful family celebration in the sunshine. It has turned colder the last few days so maybe it will head in your direction too!
    Sarah x

  23. Congratulations with your daughter ❤️ let love rule our live...❤️❤️❤️...i Will pray always for things what happen in the world prayers love love Ria x❤️❤️❤️...

  24. Beautiful, colorful and warm is how I would describe these photos,and so many good things to eat ! A very lucky little lady, and Happy Birthday to her !

  25. It really does look like it is still summer in Greece, we've moved in to winter in Scotland. Gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing your happy time with your family. Hx

  26. Such a lovely post ... and happy (belated) birthday wishes from me.
    Your photo's are lovely and your food looks delicious.
    It is so important to enjoy these special times.

    All the best Jan

  27. It was a long time I do'nt read your blog but I am very enjoy to see it again !!
    Congratulations on the birthday of your daughter ! A great moment in the family, under the sun !
    See you soon !

  28. what a lovely post Olympia...looks like a perfect birthday celebration and tiramisu is one of my favourites......Yes lets concentrate on the good and send love and light out into the work hoping it reaches all the dark corners.....have a nice weekend...Gail x

  29. Wow, I envy all the violets flowers in your post. What a lovely party for your daughter. The tiramisu looks fabulous. In fact, all the food looks wonderful! Have a great weekend, Olympia!

  30. I love tiramisu, too. A glimpse of it made my mouth water.

  31. Hi Olimpia)
    Happy birthday for your daughter:)
    What a nice waether you had;)))
    And yors pictures so pretty , like always:)
    Hugs from France:)

  32. Happy birthday for your lovely daughter!
    Warm hug,

  33. A belated Happy Birthday to your daughter, Olympia. How lovely it all looks. I can tell you went to a lot of trouble to make this special for her. Love the paper napkins.

  34. Have a lovely day and happy birthday for you're beautiful daughter
    Love Tina

  35. Hello dear Olympia, what a perfect day to celebrate your daughter's birthday filled with love, succulent food and surrounded with loved ones. Looked like the sun was out to celebrate with you. Thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  36. Hello Olympia, You certainly know how to host a special party. The food, flowers and ambiance of the setting is spectacular. I agree with you philosophy on enjoying every minute of life and celebrating all that is good.

    Fondest wishes, Helen xx


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