Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Βelow the castle

Light on winter days is precious especially in January.
 Colors, sharpness, clarity, warmth...
 αnd the view of the Acrocorinth castle is really 
unique and inviting!

While I do not intend to serve as a tourist guide, I’ll give 
some general information about this archaeological site 
which is so close to our home.
This is the largest castle of Greece and one of the largest 
in Europe.It surrounds a rocky monolithic mountain 
overlooking the ancient city of Corinth.

 It was first built as an Acropolis, then became a 
Roman citadel and later a Byzantine fortress. 

At the foothills of the castle there is the Hatzi Mustafa 
fountain, a remnant of Ottoman days which is still in use.

Following the pathway towards the center of 
the ancient city of Corinth you arrive at the
entrance of the ancient Roman Agora.
Within the Forum is the Bema.
( the Greek word for judgement seat ) 
It’s a marbled platform where St.Paul had to plead 
his case when the Corinthians hauled him up 
in front of the Roman governor in 52A.D.

 The Archaic Temple of Apollo stands a little farther,

the most important ruin, built in Doric style,
on the hill of the ancient Agora (marketplace) 
between 550-525 B.C. 
From here, there is a general view 
of most of the antiquity.

Α beautiful kumquat tree in the center of the village. 

The window of a grocery store

A prickly pear cactus from the garden of the 
American School of classical studies  which is carrying 
out some very important excavations in the whole area. 

Sipping a coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon, 
contemplating the hilltop fortification, 
is more than a simple pleasure. It’s magic! 

Greek coffee and sour cherry juice
benefiting from a superb Sunday light,
this is all I needed to feel appeased...

Tourist shops

Could you imagine the famous Corinthian potters 
labouring in their workshops in the ceramics district ?

Ancient Corinth as the evening approaches.

A warm ,golden light before it gets dark…
it’s time to leave the place and you… 
thank you for joining me.


Would you like to join us ?


  1. A verry interesting post Olympia.
    Ancient Greece remember me at ancient Rome, i see the same statue.
    That big cactus we never seen here in the Netherlands I think, too cold.
    Have a nice evening.

    Inge, my choice

  2. I love your new header and the light in your images on this post is just so beautiful. It must have been wonderful sitting and drinking your coffee and admiring the view!
    Sarah x

  3. It will make you happy that you live close to such beautiful historical buildings. The area looks so green, a wonderful combination with the soft sunlight Olympia!

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  4. Wow, stunning, light-filled photos. What beautiful places. Thank you for sharing - especially now, when we have such grey, rainy days! X

  5. What a fascinating post. Your photos are gorgeous and I learned a lot!

  6. Lieve Olympia, wat voor een prachtig log laat je ons zien.
    Zoveel oude geschiedenis, ik keek met belangstelling.
    En ook de stad, weer een heel onderwerp, had zo zijn charmes.
    Wat een prachtige omgeving om te leven.
    Ik heb genoten!

    Heel veel liefs, Gerry

  7. Dearest Olympia,
    What an incredible post and it really hits home about all those letters by St. Paul to the Corinthians... You are living in that very area; WOW. Talking about ancient history, this is incredible and I wish I could walk there myself.
    LOVED your sour cherry juice! I bet those are the Morello cherries, like we had in The Netherlands too. I've pitted them and used them for special recipes. They also are called Montmorency amarelle and they are very rare here in the USA. I found some Morello cherries from Italy at our Trader Joe's in Atlanta and that was quite a find! LOVE the sour taste.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Montmorency amarelle or morello cheries or sour cherries must be the same fruit. These babies are too tart to enjoy raw but they make exquisite pie, juice , jam.

  8. I'd like to revisit Corinth. I went there years ago but I didn't really know anything about it then.
    I love to see citrus in flower, and when covered in fruit. There's something about the sight of orange and green that cheers me up. It would be lovely to have blue skies and sunshine. Sour cherries are probably morello cherries, right? They make a wonderful pie too.

    1. I think yes, sour or morello cherries are the same fruit Jenny!

  9. Olympia,
    Thank you for the fabulous tour. This ancient Agora looks very familiar, and I think Jess visited it when she went to Greece a few years ago. The old buildings in Greece are amazing, and they hold so much history. She said that the people in the marketplace where she visited were so friendly, and she loved browsing through all of the wonderful items. Greek coffee and sour cherry juice - I've never heard of that before.

    I surely do hope that I get to visit Greece someday. The last picture is so pretty.


  10. You may say you aren't a tourist guide, but you gave us a wonderful tour today!. I also love your new header. What Google Blogger format are you using? I am thinking it is time to change mine. And you've captured the subject matter in each photo with just the perfect light! Wonderful post!!

  11. Dear Olympia,
    This heavenly place where you live is so full of ancient history, art and beauty - it simply takes my breath away. The scenery is lovely, and the way you have captured the light is wonderful. I can imagine you sitting there sipping your coffee on a warm, still evening bathed in that glorious light. Thank you for sharing all the beauty around you.
    Hugs xo

  12. Wonderful photos , you live in such splendid surroundings, gorgeous nature and arty stuff ...I am quite envious :-) And know how to savor the moment ...which is the most important thing. xx

  13. What a lovely post Olympia - I was really fascinated by your reference to St. Paul in 52 AD. When I was in Konya, Turkey, previously known as Iconium that is where St. Paul and Barnabas preached during their First Missionary Journey in 47 - 48 AD after being thrown out of Antioch. You have now filled in the next part of their journey for me, these ancient places bring history alive.
    Your photos are suffused with a wonderful golden glow.

  14. Thanks for the tour, i have been
    to Greece three times..

  15. Wonderful pictures, an escape to a sunny destination from our chilly wintry days here in the UK! I love the golden glow of your pictures, and all the exotic sights from the ancient castle to the shop windows and interesting, Olympia, thank you very much for sharing! Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xx

  16. Dear Olympia,
    what a lovely post,this is pure Greece beauty..thank you very much for sharing your potos, are so wonderful!
    I send you a hugs,and wihing you a happy weekend dear friend!

  17. Dearest Olympia,

    First of all, I love your new header. It encompasses aspects of Greece that I love like beautiful architecture, pretty flowers and trees, and of course, the mysterious blue sea!

    Your excursion to this most intriguing castle, and surrounding sights, was most enjoyable and informative! It all seems so dreamy, with the sun shining on all the history and beauty of the land. Thanks for taking us along.


  18. A couple of years ago I visited this wonderful ancient place. I love your country so much. There are so many beautiful places.
    Thank you for all your lovely photos, dear Olympia, showing us the beauties of your country. :-)

    Lots of warm greetings from

  19. The greek mythology and history are very interesting. My dear father, who died 1997,
    was reading a lot of greek mythology and others in my family, too. I love Greece,
    and haven't been there since 2008, but I am always longing for all the lovely places
    and the exotic feeling :-D. We need some warm days every year, These days we have
    -5 to - 10. I do not hope it¨s being colder. We have wind and snow these days....Nice
    weekend for you, dear Olympia! PS: Nice header:)

  20. Olympia hello...I love to join you any time to sip coffee and take in the last beautiful sun light of day..
    You have recharged me a little, my friend! No light here what so ever...January is plain January...Still wet and pretty dark, almost as though all is still sleeping in the biggest slumber..But I can just about see mother nature doing her little bit of magic, New shoots appearing ever day now...Have a weekend of loveliness, lovely you!
    Hugs Maria x

  21. Very different world you have compared to here! Beautiful photos. Thanks for visiting.

  22. My first holiday with my husband was to Greece so it has a special place in my heart. Such great photos better than a tourist brochure. I particularly live the lemons. Have a lovely weekend.

  23. What a great tour I'd love to go there, thanks for showing me what I'm missing and thanks for visiting my blog, please come back again

  24. Today I have been to Greece...just in your pictures! How lovely! Thank you for sharing so much nice, the sun...the feeeling Olympia!
    I wish you the best weekend, take care...
    Love Titti

  25. Genial me encanta. Ha estado un regalo el visitar tu bloc, te invito visitar el mio y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.

  26. My friend,

    Thank you for showing these wonderful photos!! I really love the under photos, what a lovely evening feelings!!
    What kind is weather there today? Soon, it is really spring there?

    Many hugs for you!!♥♥

  27. Hi Olympia,
    Lovely post with so much information - it makes you want to go and visit! You are very knowledgeable about the old ruins. Life in Greece sounds good!
    Have a lovely day!
    xoxo Ingrid

  28. Hi Olympia, what a nice sunny post lovely to live amongst such fabulous surroundings and to be able to use the ancient fountain ! I shall sit and have a coffee and think of you in the sunshine ! Have a nice week...Gail x

  29. Hello dearest Olympia,
    reading your post was like sitting in the sun with you and enjoying Greek coffee and sour cherry juice :o)
    Wonderful images of the castle - and the photo of the pear cactus reminded me to our Mexico vacation some years ago, when we got to eat this cactus fruit. They tasted very good to us! :o)))
    Warm hugs and a happy new week,

  30. Dear Olympia,

    Visiting your blog is like popping over to Greece for a short holiday :-)! I enjoyed your tour of the archaeological site and your beautiful surroundings.

    Happy week,

    Madelief x

  31. Ohh, dear Olympia,

    Every time I read one of your enchanting (in the literal sense) posts on Greece my heart aches a little more for this country I left but still love. Your pictures have evoked so many memories AND I have learned more about the history of this city thanks to you.

    Warmest wishes,


  32. Magic! What a lovely post Olympia, thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos, and for the history behind them.
    My best travelling and holiday memories are always of Greece and her Islands, and the wonderful scenery, antiquities, turquoise waters, smell of herbs and pines, white washed houses, hospitable people, and that special and exciting sense of being in such an ancient country.
    Gill xx

  33. I would love to join you in Greece. It is at the top of my list of places I still need to visit. Sorry, Italy is ahead of Greece though.

    We had a kumquat tree when I was a little girl.

  34. Soooo beautiful, Olympia. I'd love to visit Greece. It's been a long time since my last visit... Happy Sunday!

  35. Thank you for bringing a little sunshine into my wet and grey English January day! Such beautiful photos. I long to visit Greece again one day ...
    M x

  36. Thanks! After reading this, I have realized that I had a few pieces of information, and this just put it all together. Will I choose to search the Darknet? Probably not. It's that thing, you know you probably should not do, but take great pleasure peeking through thr blinds at. Bravo.

    Tim Martine


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