Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumnal feeling

With 26 to 30 degrees, wearing sandals and white trousers
it’s a little bit difficult to think about candles and carpets
all over the house , to create an autumnal atmosphere with
the sunlight and the swimmers on the beach!
I think I’m not integrated with the season...
I did it!
Let’s pretend it’s autumn!
Because the calendar says so!
Because on Sunday, the clocks are going back!
Because Christmas is already in the air!
Because it should be so!

I filled the house with everything that reminds me the season,
 quinces, Virginia creeper vines, fresh walnuts...


late champagne grapes,

faded roses, 

Yes, I feel better now!

A big thank you to all my lovely and dear blogfriends who have
 left such kind comments and sweets thoughts on my previous post.
Thank you, I think that whether we are parents or not, 
we must do our best for the new generation because children 
are our HOPE and our FUTURE.
We must make them understand that we are our choices and 
help them believe in their dreams because without them 
life is simple survival.

 This is the apple cake recipe that my good friend Sarah 
from Down by the sea  has asked for. the cake is here 

Αpple cake recipe

250 softened butter
440 white granulated sugar
4 or 5 organic eggs
260 ml liquid (either milk or orange juice or both)
Lemon or orange zest
½ kilo self-raising flour
4 apples peeled, cored and cut into thick wedges.
Sprinkle them with some lemon juice.
                                      Preheat oven to 250 degrees   

Beat the butter and sugar together with a mixer.
Add the eggs, one by one and continue beating.
The mixture must be very smooth.
Add the liquid, a little flour and the zest.
Add all the flour into the mixture until it becomes creamy.
Pour half of the batter into an oiled  baking tin.
(Alternatively, you can use a deep Pyrex baking dish)
Sprinkle the apples over the batter.
Cover with the rest of the mixture 
and bake for 50 to 60 minutes.
When ready, I sprinkle it with Alchermes liqueur which 
gives a red bright color on the surface and a little 
white sugar but you can use your imagination ...

Good luck!


  1. These pictures are stunning ... the autumnal colours give no clue to the fact that it is so hot. Oooh, how I wish I was there with you in that warmth ... grey, grim and wet here at the mo! M x

  2. warm and cozy photos! Even if the temp here is as well high, you can feel autumn all around. You did it also! Enjoy the sun and short days!

  3. I love all your very beautiful photos, they certainly do capture the feeling of autumn! Thank you for the delicious apple cake recipe too. Wishing you happy autumn days......and enjoy the lovely sunshine too :)
    Helen x

  4. Wowwww amazing colors today !!! from me darling...x !

  5. Love the colours in your photos - they have a jewel like quality to them - we experienced that lovely warmth in Croatia and I am yearning for it again.

  6. I agree with the outhers, you have wonderful
    colours in your photos.

  7. Love all your beautiful Autumnal photos - enjoy the wearing your sandals and summer trousers.
    Many thanks for sharing the delicious apple cake.

    Happy day

  8. It is it feels like a summerday...but when i notice the colours outside....yes it is AUTUMN.
    The photo's you post are verry nice...
    Have a nice day Olympia.

    Inge, my choice

  9. Your pictures are like paintings! Beautiful, Olympia! great pumpkins..

  10. Dear Olympia, What a delightful post. Each and every one of your images a little masterpiece. ox, Gina

  11. Hi Olympia... what wonderful images... the colours are just scrumptious!! I can't imagine wearing shorts and sandals now even though we still have it fairly warm the pumpkins .. I'm wondering if you grow them ... have a lovely weekend...
    autumn kisses...Gail x

  12. I can only dream about 30 degrees in autumn season, I can imagine your head still have summer thoughts. But your autumn pumpkins are wonderful!!

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  13. It's looking very autumnal in your photos even if it's still hot outside. I love the berries in the first photos; I remember those berries on a bush in the yard when I was a child and they were always a sign of autumn to me.

  14. What a lovely autumnal post, I love these warm colours! Great photos!!! I can image that with up to 30 degrees there is not much of an autumnal feeling. Shall I send some rain over to Greece? ;-)

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  15. Olympia,
    Your pictures always make my heart sing. I love them. Yes, walnuts remind me of the Autumn season. The silver tea set is gorgeous, and reminded me of my mom, as she used to have one just like it. It was handed down to my sister when she passed away. I love all your pumpkins, and that bread looks delicious. I also noticed the lantern on the's sooooo pretty.

    Have a sweet day,


  16. Olympia,

    Your images certainly conjure up an autumnal feeling, with their fiery reds, rich oranges, and pale peach subjects, even though the weather wants to tell us otherwise. MY feeling from your autumnal accents here, today, is the whisper that winter is on the way. And when it arrives, it will be welcomed warmly and with cheer.


  17. Ολυμπία μου ,οι φωτογραφίες μου έδωσαν την αίσθηση του φθινοπώρου ,είναι πανέμορφες αλλά ακόμη και εδώ στα βόρεια ,ο καιρός μόνο φθινόπωρο δεν θυμίζει ...Εκείνα τα χαλιά ,περιμένουν να στρωθούν ,συνήθως τον Αϊ-Δημήτρη είμαστε έτοιμοι αλλά δεν υπάρχει η προοπτική του κρύου ακόμη ...

  18. Oh zucht....wat een prachtige herfstfoto's!
    Kan me voorstellen dat het een beetje raar overkomt als het nog zo warm is.
    We hebben hier ook nog steeds prachtige zonnige dagen. Een genot!
    Prachtige vruchten heb je gebruikt voor je foto's.
    Dank je wel voor je mooie en lieve reacties op mijn blog!

    Dikke knuffel, Gerry

  19. Ces photos sont extraordinaires, si délicates et belles comme de vraies oeuvres d'art !

  20. Pretty pictures! Don't eat those berries from the Virginia Creeper! I found out they are toxic after I tasted one! Ha, ha!

  21. Dear Olympia , you succeeded perfectly in creating an autumn mood , you would be a great 'metteur en scene' ! Your images are always amazing, pure joy for the eyes !

  22. Dear Olympia, You are an artist, creating beautiful Autumn vignettes despite the weather telling you otherwise! Such lovely, rich colors and displayed so wonderfully with your delicate serving pieces and gorgeous linens. A feast for the eyes! Hugs xoxo Karen

  23. Hola Olympia, las fotografías son preciosas. Aquí también estamos teniendo un octubre caluroso. Have a nice weekend!!!! :D

  24. I wish it was that warm here. Your home has such a wonderful autumn feel to it with everything is displayed so beautifully. Thank you for the recipe I have just made my weekly cake so I will attempt it next weekend.
    Sarah x

  25. What a beautiful autumn house you made! I love your photo's!
    Have a nice weekend. Greatings from Aleta

  26. What a wonderful post and it does remind me that autumn is in the air even though it is the early stages of spring here in Sydney. In a few days we will pass through that imaginary date line and find ourselves back in that land of falling leaves and crisp mornings instead of wisteria blooms and gardenia scents. Will catch up on your blog posts soon. (We had a lovely Greek connection on our cruise - I'll be writing about it soon!)

  27. Dearest Olympia,
    You are quite an artful stylist! Those photos could grace any magazine about the fall topic.
    We had our first 'cold' night of only 1°C but the daytime is bright blue and sunny with temperatures around 25°C. That makes it rather hard to focus on the season. Our clock will be set back on November 3, so we still can linger in summer time.
    Enjoy your home with the colorful fruits of the autumn.

  28. Olympia - It all looks so autumnal and bountiful. Just lovely! And I bet that apple cake is divine. We love making a similar version of an apple cake this time of year.

  29. Beautiful fall touches! Thanks for sharing the recipe for apple pie.
    Hugs, have a nice day!!

  30. I am so jealous of your lovely weather. It is very autumnal here, with a storm on the way. xx

  31. Dearest Olympia,
    your autumnal post is so very pretty! In Austria it's not so warm any more - today we had about 16 degrees, but ist was a fine and sunny sunday. I also loved your birthday-post - give my best wishes to your daughter!!!
    Warm hugs and thank you so much for your sweet words to my mother, Traude

  32. My dear Olympia,

    Oh, there is really wether like summer!!?:)
    BUT you made it, photos are so full of beautiful autumn feelings!;)) I like them, awesome colours♥

    Many hugs for you♥

    Edit: Here in Finland is now quite warmy weather, about 10 degree!!!? It is fine, too;)) I think that soon it will be colder again, so maybe I will get winter feeling and christmas feeling soon..;)

  33. Hello dear Olympia, we've had rain and gale force winds these last few days...real autumn weather! You've managed to create a beautiful autumn post with your lovely pumpkins and stunning foliage. It is very hard to think of the winter ahead when the temperatures are saying something else! Have a lovely week! Sharon x

  34. ~ Your post made me smile, dear Olympia....You have created the magic and splendour of autumn in this lovely post...and the pictures are gorgeous!! hugs and twinkles to lovely YOU! Maria x

  35. I love your wonderful pictures sweet Olympia! So much colour and I think did a great job creating the autumn feeling. And it sounds like you've a lovely autumn in Greece. Enjoy it and thank you for sweet birthday wishes which warmed my heart.♥

    Take care!


  36. This is amazing..your images are so beautiful......thank you for sharing. xo

  37. Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your pretty flowers. I hope you will come back to Rose Vignettes for Fresh-Cut Friday. Your pics are so pretty! The recipes look yummy to! :)

  38. you decorate so beautifully for Autumn dear Olympia! I love the richness of every lovely photo. The Virginia creeper vine makes such a lovely accent with everything!
    Have a wonderful Wed. dear!

  39. Lovely, lovely, Olympia! The first images remind me on our autumn leaves here.....:)


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