Thursday, February 6, 2014

Country kitchen ideas

When I asked the sales assistant of a pet shop how 
much this rusty old cage cost, she told me 3 euros! 
I didn’t believe that this cute object would be
 practically gratis. Without a second thought, I took it 
and brought it in my new country kitchen. 
But of course, without birds inside, prisoner birds …
it’s not my thing! Just a little paper bird sitting on 
its perch, it’s quite enough to bring nature inside 
and playing with illusions! 
Some marbles, a hydrangea and my decorative 
cage graces my still unpainted wall. 

This real cage inspired me to purchase a flat one this time. 
It stands on the kitchen bench where I can easily hang 
anything that crosses my mind…

A rural atmosphere brings such a joy to me and 
make me feel younger and happier. 

We continue to make over this lovely country home but 
I don’t have a general view of the rooms as the house
 has turned into a worksite. I’ll do it soon.

Hectic life has no plan to leave me serene for a while but 
I’m trying to put “things” in order!

Until next, a warm hug to everyone!



  1. It is really lovely Olympia and what a great bargain - the green/blue distressed paintwork gives it an attractive verdigris look.

  2. So cute the old cage. And it is so fine that you chose a paper bird for it.
    Curious for your new rooms.
    Donna G.

  3. You have quite a bird love thing going on there!! It is very pretty. xx

  4. I can imagine you are very happy with this wonderful cage!!

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  5. De belles photos pour un très beau blog !
    Merci pour la visite !

  6. The cage is verry beautiful....I think birds are make for flying...not for a cage, so I like
    the paper bird too!
    Have a nice week Olympia.

    Inge, my choice

  7. That kind of round marbles i hade as
    a child, so nice. And your turquoise
    birdcage is lovely.
    Wish you a happy weekend

  8. Dear Olympia,

    I think you have an extraordinary eye for colour. When we get our own house, once again, (we have a fisherman's cottage by the sea in Normandy which we need to sell first) I would love to have light walls with splashes of similar colours to your home.

    Happy February to you.


  9. Wow, what a wonderful birdcage, it looks great.
    And a very good idea to decorate it with the little flags and the bird.
    Your impressions of you country kitchen is beautiful and very colourful.
    I like it. What a wonderful place.

    Have a good week

    Your Bluemchenmama

  10. Ooh, love the birdcage - it's perfect! And a bargain -well done! Your kitchen's full of love
    Y things. Abby x

  11. Wat een mooie kooi heb je gekocht voor niets! Hij is prachtig.
    En wat ziet het er heerlijk kleurig uit in je huis, Daar word je zo blij van!
    Geniet van je dingen!

    Liefs, Gerry

  12. Your country home is so special. How often are able to visit it? Sarah

    1. Fortunately, it's not so far away from home and I think that we will be able to visit it very often and perhaps spend some of our summer holidays there!

  13. A very lovely find, Olympia, and you have added such sweet little mementos to make it all your own! I love having little peeks at all your lovelies - so cheerful and delightful to the eye! Remodeling certainly does take away serenity, but I am sure it will all be worth it. I am looking forward to seeing how you have transformed your new country home. I am very sure it will be lovely. Hugs to you, xo Karen

  14. Olympia,
    I like your bird cages, especially the flat one. I love the post card with the blue tea cups on it. And I see that you have splashes of RED in your country kitchen. I just decorated my kitchen with bits of RED too. It's always been a favorite of mine. It's fun to decorate, isn't it?

    I hope to see more of your country home in the posts to come.


  15. Oh, I just love your bird cages…lovely! So many beautiful colors in your post - it makes me happy!
    Take care and let´s hear soon Olympia….

  16. Oh such clever ideas I get from you Olympia! Love your bird cage! xx Jackie

  17. Ολυμπία μου ,γέμισε η οθόνη μου με χρώματα ,κατασκευές και καλαισθησία ! Είμαι σίγουρη ότι το απολαμβάνεις ,το χαίρεσαι και κάθε μέρα αναζητάς καινούργιες ιδέες !

  18. I love what you did with the cage. It's funny because I used to have a small bird and his cage looked just like that! The color and style, I mean. If you didn't buy it in Greece, I would wonder if it was the same cage. :)


  19. Dearest Olympia,
    You got a steal of a deal indeed. Is that a real lizzard on the clothes pin?
    You are so right about not having any bird imprisoned inside a cage. We did bring back some beautiful bamboo birdcages from Indonesia but they never will contain a prisoner. Just for decorative looks.
    Those red chicken did scare me! They are funny looking.

  20. What a very nice cage you bought there! Il love the colour! Your other photo's are also very colorful. Very nice.
    Have a nice day! Greatings from Aleta

  21. what a lucky find Olympia ! I agree let the birds fly free !! how lovely to have a nice cottage to go to ....lovely post full of happy colours !...enjoy your weekend...Gail x

  22. Hai fatto un vero affare sopratutto hai un buon occhio per vederli. La tua casa in campagna mi piace tantissimo, esattamente lo stile della mia casa estiva :-) Buon lavoro e buon weekend.

  23. You have such a good eye for clever details, Olympia and will look forward to more posts on the country house.


  24. The cage is wonderful. I don't think I would have been able to see the possibilities. I really admire your beautiful use of colour.

  25. Dearest Olympia,
    this bird-cage is really a lucky find! And you made it a wonderful decoration - I love the way you bring color into your kitchen!!!
    Warm hugs and HAPPY WEEKEND! Traude
    (⁀‵⁀,) ✿

  26. Dear Olympia,
    it is a brilliant idea to let the birds stay outside the cage.
    I love your ingenious decoration and the bright colours!
    Yes, they really make cheerfullness!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Hugs, Siret

  27. Such a pretty cage! You have many lovely things in your kitchen. Happy weekend, Olympia!

  28. Love your kitchen decor, Olympia! All it looks so bright and cheerful :0) LOVE!!!
    Hugs & kisses
    Natasha & Fam

  29. Olympia I just love all the colour - makes my heart sing. We all need a little colour in our lives and you give it in bucket-loads. Thank you for making my Sunday F xx

  30. How nice, Olympia. And you are a lucky girl with a new country kitchen!
    I am not especially well, I have been at hospital for consultation with the
    doctor. Therefore it was so good to see the colours in your kitchen! I Hope
    I will come back to my blog in few weeks, maybe. Nice sunday for you! :)<3

  31. What beautiful colorful pictures; you have great taste,Olympia ! Bon courage pour la rénovation ... oh and I do so like reading little bits of Greek; I'm always scared I'll forget how now that I practically never see any !x

  32. I enjoyed all the wonderful pictures here, Olympia! Such pretty decorations in your country kitchen and I love both your bird cages! The colours you have gathered together are beautiful and cheering. (And thank you for your sweet comment asking if I have a shop and sell my makes......I don't at the moment, but maybe one day....)
    Always a pleasure to visit you! Wishing you a happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  33. You home is lovely....and what a steal of a deal on that adorable bird how you displayed it. Hugs to you for a wonderful new week. xoxo

  34. Μού άρεσαν όλα Ολυμπία!!Αλλά τό κλουβί τί τέλεια μεταμόρφωση!!Οι βόλοι,μέ πήγαν πίσω πολλά χρόνια,πού παίζαμε μέ τόν αδελφό μου!
    Τό σπίτι είναι πράγματι,φανταστικό!!Ευχαριστώ γιά τό όμορφο σχόλιό σου!Καλή εβδομάδα!!

  35. Such inspiration all around you, in colour and pattern and whimsy and joy! Your country kitchen is going to be an extension of your beautiful world outside, where the flowers that fill your space with prettiness and fragrance, grow and flourish in the sunlight of each new day.

    You must be thrilled!


  36. Vous avez de bonnes idées pour agrémenter cette jolie cage d’oiseau. J’ai une grande cage d’oiseau faite en Tunisie – c’est dommage que vous habitez ci loin sinon je vous l’offrirais.

  37. C'est tres gentil de votre part d'avoir pense a m'offrir votre jolie cage de Tunisie! C'est comme si vous l'aviez fait et je vous en remercie infiniment!

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  39. Hello dear O! I love getting these beautiful looks into your home and I agree wholeheartedly that living rural-ly is truly a gift. The cages are so lovely and your kitchen is truly a happy place to be!
    Thank you for the gift you gave me today with your sweet comment. It was just what I needed and makes me so grateful for you!
    hugs from here...

  40. Wonderful decorating ideas, dear Olympia, and thanks a lot for sharing them with us. I like the bird cage so much. The flat one on your bench is ideal to stick on memory notes and other things.:-)
    Hope you show us more things of your beautiful country house. :-)

    Lots of warm greetings


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