Thursday, February 6, 2014

Country kitchen ideas

When I asked the sales assistant of a pet shop how 
much this rusty old cage cost, she told me 3 euros! 
I didn’t believe that this cute object would be
 practically gratis. Without a second thought, I took it 
and brought it in my new country kitchen. 
But of course, without birds inside, prisoner birds …
it’s not my thing! Just a little paper bird sitting on 
its perch, it’s quite enough to bring nature inside 
and playing with illusions! 
Some marbles, a hydrangea and my decorative 
cage graces my still unpainted wall. 

This real cage inspired me to purchase a flat one this time. 
It stands on the kitchen bench where I can easily hang 
anything that crosses my mind…

A rural atmosphere brings such a joy to me and 
make me feel younger and happier. 

We continue to make over this lovely country home but 
I don’t have a general view of the rooms as the house
 has turned into a worksite. I’ll do it soon.

Hectic life has no plan to leave me serene for a while but 
I’m trying to put “things” in order!

Until next, a warm hug to everyone!


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