Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To sea!

I’m always mesmerized by the surface of the sea… 
it has something of an ecstasy, of another reality…
 Every time I visit the sea, I like sitting very close to 
the shore and breathing in its beauty.
 Last Saturday...

I have came across some little sailors...
They took me on a long imaginary,
 fairy journey in which I identified myself 
with them and became a crew member, a pirate, 
a fisherman,a captain, a mermaid…
 It’s almost unbelievable how an accidental, 
insignificant fact can brighten up and bless your day! 
They didn’t pay me the slightest attention and 
followed all their shipping procedures with 
mathematical rigour…they never knew how happy 
they made me and how lucky I felt to have met them 
and shared the pleasures of the sea with them …

 To sea… to sea! The calm is o’er,
The wanton water leaps in sport,
And rattles down the pebbly shore;
The dolphin wheels, the sea-cow snorts,
And unseen mermaids’ pearly song
Come bubbling up, the weeds among.
Fling broad the sail, dip deep the oar:
To sea, to sea! The calm is o’er.
To sea, to sea! Our wide-winged bark
Shall billowy cleave its sunny way,
And with its shadow, fleet and dark,
Break the caved Tritons’ azure day,
Like mighty eagle soaring light
O’er antelopes on Alpine height.
The anchor heaves, the ship swings free,
The sails swell full. To sea, to sea!
                      Thomas Lovell Beddoes 

The dream is over; 
I am like the boat stuck in the sand, 
who knows what the tide will bring…

Wish you a sparkling weekend 
keep trying, 
keep dreaming
and see you soon!


  1. When we go to the sea, we have to drive at least almost two hours, so we aren't often there. But we love the sea, sand and sun, it's a beautiful place and we always like it to be there. So I can imagine you feel yourself so happy, feeling the sea and seeing all the people, busy with their boats!!

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  2. The sea pictures are magical, Olympia. I loved the story of you on a long, imaginary fairy journey. My kids love the sea and I don't know what they'd do without it. They feel a peace there, especially my son, who is a surfer. Your photos are beautiful, and the last two pics are very cool. Now, I want to go to the sea.

    Have a happy day.


  3. What a beautiful and romantic post Olympia - Romantic in the old sense. Such beautiful photos of the sparkling blue sea and brilliant blue skies, of the young sailors intent on their endeavours, your lovely words, and the beautiful poetry - a magical post!
    Thank you for sharing your photos and thoughts!!
    Gill xx

  4. Wat een heerlijk log, Olympia!
    Lekker bij de zee, ik hou ervan, maar woon er niet dichtbij. Helaas!

    Liefs, Gerry

  5. Sometimes it is vey pleasant to sit and watch the world going about its business and activities in beautiful surroundings. A warm day, the sea sparkling in the sunshine, and children busying themselves in their activities but totally unaware of the observer amongst them

  6. Dearest Olympia,
    The beautiful blue sea you show in these photos is beckoning to come out and enjoy; that's for sure!
    Lovely Greek views of very scenic views with those mountains in the distance.
    That tiled walkway is so precious with pebbles being worked in...
    Indeed, quite a dream!

  7. Anche a me il mare fa sognare, i pensieri partono e vanno per i fatti loro , il mare greco poi è impossibile resistere. Belle foto ...che nostalgia di mare ! Abbraccio e buona giornata.

  8. wow ,stunning photography. So blue

  9. The blue and white of Greece is like no other I have ever seen in the world. It is a dazzling duo, delighting the senses, revitalizing the spirit and relaxing the soul. You seem to have experienced it in good doses recently, and we are the lucky ones to have witnessed this whimsy of watery wonder.

    Gorgeous photos.


  10. It looks fun to sail, the kids must have had
    a wonderful day. And you had a wonderful
    day on the beach.

  11. The blue and white of your pictures is so uplifting, Olympia! I love the sea and the blue blue sky, so I really enjoyed this lovely post!
    Thank you for sharing the beautiufl Greek seaside with us today :)
    Helen xx

  12. Unas imagenes preciosas, que maravilloso color tenía el mar, es todo un lujo poder disfrutar de un día tan bonito.

  13. Some nice shots. I liked the poem.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  14. Dear Olympia, such lovely photos - I can't wait for our weather to warm up! We've been rained out! That last photo of the boat and the beautiful blue sky has me thinking of holidays and lots of warm sunshine. Have a lovely week! Sharon x

  15. Beautiful blue sea surrounded by snow capped mountains - with children in little sailboats! Like a story-book! Lovely poem and thoughts today, Olympia - I too, love the sea. She is not too far from me, always. Hugs xo Karen

  16. Oh, that special blue colour you get around the Mediterranean countries. I can only dream.....
    xoxo Ingrid

  17. Hello Olympia
    Your photos capture the enthusiasm of the young sailors. The water is so beautifully clean. I love the play of light and shadow.

    Thanks for this journey to your beautiful country

    Helen xx

  18. Lieve Olympia,

    Met de wind in de zeilen......
    jong geleerd is oud gedaan.

    De pessimist klaagt over de wind, de optimist verwacht dat die draait, en de realist stelt de zeilen bij.
    Maar of deze kinderen al zo ver doordenken.....nee gelukkig niet, ze doen enkel aan een beetje spelenvaren en hebben vast veel plezier.

    Ik vind het een plezier om naar te kijken en geniet van de kleuren op je prachtige foto's.

    Lieve groet,

  19. I love the sea, sometimes in the weekends we go too the sea, walk, drink some coffee...I always thinking...what are people doing on the other side...hihi...
    Beautiful photo's...youre sea is so blue.
    Have a nice Weekend Olympia.

    Inge, my choice

  20. Hello Olympia:

    Oh such wonderful images. We too are transported to sunny climes, the sound of the oceans, the adventures which surely await. And how we identify with your own flight of fancy, so that we, your readers, can too cast off in those little sailing craft and let the "sails swell full".

    A magical post. We have, happily come across you through dear Helen Tilston and are climbing on board as Followers. To know more about us, then we are simply a click away.

  21. We share a love of the sea, Olympia. Its sounds and smells entice us to return again and again!

  22. Wonderful, wonderful sea photos!!! Thank you for shearing these beautiful moments with us!:)
    It feel like freeeedooommm.....;))♥

    Many beautiful dreamings for your weekend,
    with hugs, Marikki

  23. Just beautiful pictures,I love sea dear Olympia,great post!
    Have a nice weekend dear friend!

  24. Beautiful photos, Olympia - so calming and soothing!! I can almost feel the salty air. And hear the children! Thanks for transporting us to your lovely part of the world.
    Take care,

  25. Oh I just LOVE your beautiful pictures...
    And the sea, so blue, so clear, so beautiful...thank´s for taking me to Greece on a sunny day in march Olympia!

  26. Siempre es una delicia poder asomarse a nuestro hermoso Mediterráneo a través de tu blog. ¡Gracias por estas hermosas fotos! :D

  27. Hello Olympia...thank for visit my blog....very kind of you...i do like your blog and country...very nice pictures..
    have also a nice week...

    liefs Fia

  28. Dear Olympia,

    I believe there is no place on earth where the see and the sky can be so blue as in Greece :-) Beautiful photo's!

    Happy week ahead!

    Madelief x

  29. Dear Olymipia,

    You have captured one of the most precious things about your country which I miss the most; the sea! Even the Greek word is more beautiful still than the French of English versions.

    Warmest wishes,


  30. Oh, how I would love to dip my toes in the bluest of sea right now ... M x

  31. Ohhh.... I love your pictures!!!! so mutch summer.... =)
    Hugs Sofia

  32. Dear Olympia,

    Amazing pictures! As always. And what a lovely time you had there by the sea side letting your mind drift away. Lovely!

    Take care sweet Olympia!♥


  33. That shade of blue ... It epitomizes Greece for me .. Lucky you !

  34. Moi aussi j’aime beaucoup la mer. J’aime aussi le poème que vous avez sur votre poste. J’aimerais être plus près de la mer, mais il me faut au moins 5 à 6 heures de route pour arriver à Savannah en Géorgie où la mer est la plus proche.

  35. Ooh yes....I was back in Greece in these beautiful pictures and in my dreams...Wonderful!
    Hugs Maria x

  36. Dearest Olympia,
    I love your wonderful sunshine-pictures - and the story about your imaginary journey !!!
    Reading it and seeing the photos of the children makes me dreaming, too!
    Warm hugs and Happy Weekend, Traude
    ✿ܓܓ✿ܓ✿ܓ✿ ♥♥♥♥ ܓܓ✿ܓ✿ܓ

  37. Like the eagerness of the young sailors.

  38. I love your pics, i love the smell of the beach .the sound of the waves, the seagulls........!!
    Have a nice day

  39. Love your pictures. I live by the see as well, and now I am so looking forward to summertime:)

  40. Love your pictures. I live by the see as well, and now I am so looking forward to summertime:)


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