Monday, March 10, 2014

Country inspiration

It’s unbelievable how inspirational an old house in the
 middle of an orange grove can be, how its energy can cure 
rankled disposition and improve the overall sense of well-being! 
Just a few minutes of soaking up the green scenery 
calms nerves and craziness! Picking flowers and fruit 
from the garden seems the simplest thing of this world…
But of course, besides nature, my main source of inspiration 
comes from your wonderful blogs. 

Origami beetle

Origami, decoupage, crochet this is the craft work 
I have being making, assisted by a special friend of mine,
 all week.A young girl, a friend of my daughter has created 
some origami pieces that I find  lovely. 
The art of paper folding is really passionate as you can create,
 using a simple piece of paper and nothing else, a real piece of art! 
So, here I am, involved in the handwork that I call art or
 artistic creation! I’m a quick learner and I remember 
the words of Benjamin Franklin,
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, 
involve me and I learn.” Origami beetle
I enjoy the process, it’s fun making things, this hides 
a tremendous power for the human being! 

Οrigami crab

Decoupage is also a very interesting technique which can 
transform a boring plastic pumpkin into a fabric item, 
accentuating the artistic aspect of its owner!

Ιm new to crochet but this awesome tutorial is an ad-lib 
of what I understood from your blogs. I picked it up 
so easily, two afternoons work and it was done! 
It will be a nice round cushion.

I have to apologize for my absence, 
I really can’t manage it for some reason but 
I hope to rectify this soon!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Yuo have been very creative, dear Olympia. Here we have some sunny days. After working some hours at home I packed my bike for a route over an hour. It was lovely outside, now I'm back in the enjoy the sun and the upcoming green.

    Have a wonderful week! Sending hugs, Ingrid

  2. Ooh whauw, what a lovely color full blog and I like the flowers they are beautiful. Have a nice week, greeting Petra.

  3. Lieve Oympia,

    Na een mooie fietstocht in een landelijke omgeving 10 minuten bij mijn huis vandaan geniet ik na terugkomst van een lekkere kop sterke bouillon en jou mooie post met kleurrijke foto's, ja een mens op mijn leeftijd heeft wat beweging nodig na de winter met veel binnen zitten door omstandigheden met mijn ogen.
    Zo grappig en kunstig kan je vouwen met velletje papier,mijn Thaise schoondochter kan dat ook heel goed.

    Zo nu ben ik weer uitgerust en heb genoten van al de mooie bloemen en heb weer fut om aan het avond eten te beginnen....
    hier staat een Hollandse pot op het menu,vastkokende aardappels,bloemkool en oma's runderlapjes die ik gisteren al in de oven gaar sudderden.

    Lieve groet♥ en tot blogs maar weer!!

  4. As always a bright and calming respite you provided Olympia. We are so looking forward to our return to the orange groves of the Peloponnese. . .luckily, now only weeks away!! Have a wonderful week~ xo Jackie

  5. Dear Olympia,

    your post today was so wonderful and with fantastic flowers. The impressions are great and I like
    your little things from origami. It looks so difficult.
    Enjoy the time in your country house.

    I wish you a wonderful week

    Your Bluemchenmama

  6. You have been a creative soul ... love the crab. Lovely photos. M x

  7. Dear Olympia,
    What a cute origami crab. My aunt loves origami, and I bought her a kit one time to work with. The little bird picture is sweet, and the yellow flowers with the vase is gorgeous! What a unique vase that is. You are always taking such wonderful pictures of your home, and I really enjoy seeing them all. I love the crocheted doilie. My sister knits and crochets, and I have always thought it was such a talent.

    Have a great week. The red flowers made my heart sing.


  8. All your birds even on a towel are superb and the origami crab so pretty. Loved to see this colourful post full of inspiration.

  9. You are verry bizzy Olympia...the crab is verry nice.
    We have verry good sunny day's....I like it!
    Have a nice week.

    Inge, my choice

  10. Complimenten voor je creativiteit, Olympia!
    De origami is prachtig en je hebt het haakvirus dus ook opgepakt!
    Het is hier prachtig weer, dus heb ik buiten genoten.
    Ik wens je een hele mooie week!

    Liefs, Gerry

  11. So beautiful inspirations, I love them all, especially the lovely flowers and of course the birds.
    That's really summer feeling . :-)
    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos.:-)

    Wish you a nice and sunny week

  12. Dear Olympia,

    It was so lovely to come and visit you today and see all your gorgeous flowers and pretty things.
    Love the crocheting and the decoupage.
    Happy week and many thanks for visiting me.

  13. Lovely crafts. It's nice to see you again, Olympia.

  14. Very nice photos. Your paperart is great. I am not familiar with paperwork. I prefer textiles and wool. Benjamin Franklin was a wise man, learning by doing is the best way.
    Life is sometimes busy, so it is mine, and therefore I do not publish posts very often. Have a beautiful springtime.
    Donna G.

  15. Tus post son siempre tan bonitos Olympia!!!!! me fascinan tus fotos llenas de color y alegría.

  16. I was glad to see a new post from you, Olympia. I always enjoy your luscious photographs, full of colourful bits of life and beauty. I will have to try crochet again. I have a book with instructions, but got rather confused. Perhaps I'll finish my knitting projects first!

    Have a lovely week.


  17. E bello vedere il tuo entusiasmo per la tua casa in campagna. Si apre un mondo nuovo quando si è a contatto costante con la natura , ti vedo molto ispirata, e sono piena di ammirazione per quanto presto hai imparato il crochet ! Tutto sempre bello e di gusto .

  18. You REALLY have been busy!
    so many beautiful things you made. I especially like your flower bouquets and the birds of course. Your taste is so wonderful!

    (thanks for comforting me with the loss of my brother-in-law)

  19. I am so inspired with what you have made they are all so wonderful! sARAH X

  20. What a charming little bird with its yellow breast.All your pictures are bright and inspiring.

  21. Dearest Olympia,
    What a lovely photos you show us here.
    Origami art is fabulous and even more so if using such lovely paper!
    Your crocheting is looking very promising and your flowers... are a DREAM.
    Hugs to you,

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  23. Dear Olympia,
    What a beautiful post,with so much lovely colours,all your pictures are so inspiring.
    Many hugs dear friend

  24. So many beautiful pictures! I had to follow your blog. Thank you so much for your nice words to me!:-)
    Hugs from Hjørdis

  25. Hi there! No hurry...we wait for´s always a pleasure to look at your blog, every time!
    Take care now and thank´s for your sweet comment on my blog Olympia...

  26. Hello Olympia I very much enjoyed all your bright and colourful pictures in this post! I loved the pretty flowers, crochet and decoupage, and the sunshiny feel of all the photos :)
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  27. Hi Olympia ! wow I love your little origami critters ! you are so clever ! Love the crochet cushion cover too ...the tea cosy I made was from a crochet pattern ...if you want a copy let me know and I will scan it in and send you it x
    Gail x

  28. So much nice, Olympia! Nice colours, love the blue and yellow vase!

  29. What a colourful and inspiring post packed full of beautiful and creative things! Well done on the crochet, and the origami is amazing!
    All the flowers in your post are just lovely!
    Have a great week Olympia!
    Gill xx

  30. And your lovely pictures are such an inspiration sweet Olympia. So much colour and joy. And you know we're always here for you. So blog when you've the time and feel for it.

    Take care!


  31. I love the origami crab - very inventive and creative!
    Have a good week!
    Ingrid xx


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