Thursday, March 20, 2014

The excitement of spring!

Spring is special not only for its shades and fragrances 
but for the fact that everything is in movement; 
plants, trees, birds, man’s mood… because of this, 
I feel vividly alive, I feel the explosion of life which 
gives me strength and courage to go on.
 I felt more dramatically enthusiastic when I was younger… 
Where is the excitement of those days? 
Anyway, spring always pushes me onwards…

In the country house, I’m now redecorating the 
bedrooms, not letting them become a stash spot! 
I'm in the beginning stage, no photo for the moment!
The weather is on our side as we have to paint a part 
of the house, humidity isn’t a good ally. 
I have to decide about the paint 
colors, I’m keen on color but I still hesitate….

This is my cushion, finished!

 An eventual escape to Holland for an extended weekend 
in April enthralls me but prizes are so high and I don’t like 
to economize on what I habitually want when I travel… 
We’ll see…...........

Strolling along the seaside and on the pedestrian pathways 
is an enjoyable and precious pastime of the season.
Sweet, distant friends
Good bye!!!
Thanks for visiting; 
it’s wonderful to “find” you here!


  1. You have a beautiful colorful home, lovely
    fabrics. And beautiful spring flowers.

  2. Such a lovely spring walk with you and so lovely to see your pretty things at home. I hope that you can decide on a colour to paint your room! It is so easy in theory and then you see all the options!!! I am sure that it will be beautiful whatever you decide. Happy spring. xx

  3. What a beautiful springlog! It's not good English!
    Ja, je wordt vrolijk van de lente en het zet je weer in beweging na de winter.
    Wat een prachtige springflowers!
    Ik wens je veel succes met het opknappen van je huis en het vinden van de juiste kleur.
    En geniet, geniet heel veel van de lente!
    Een trip naar Nederland zou mooi zijn, maar een weekend is kort. En als alles heel duur is...
    Hebben jullie ook last van de crisis in Griekenland? Het land maakt in elk geval heel moeilijke jaren mee. Het is te hopen dat er weer opbouw komt.
    Heel veel sterkte met alles, ik denk aan jullie!

    Liefs, Gerry

  4. The spring flowers around your area are so pretty, Olympia. I am looking forward to seeing which colors you choose for your country house. I am wondering the same thing myself, as I'm decorating the guest bedroom. I love purple, but pink is always an option too. Your cushion turned out very nice. Spring has definitely come to your area. I LOVE the last picture. It's so unique and beautiful.

    Happy Spring!


  5. Spring started today and that really makes me happy! I hope the next months will full of sun, green and flowers.

    It would be great if you could visit our country in april, but a weekend is a little bit short. Then you have to make many choices.

    Wish you a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Ingrid

    1. It will be the second time for me Ingrid, so it will be easier...I hope...

  6. What a gorgeous cushion. Looks so fine and the colours are real spring coulours. The flowers blooming in the sun, looks more like summer than like spring. I also love your green bottles,they are hard to find here:o( Have nice days in Holland and let us see some photos then.
    Donna G.

  7. Splended Spring!, I think we can all breath a sigh of relief that it has finally come after one very long, cold winter.

  8. How lovely your images of spring are, Olympia! You have created a beautiful cushion, too! I know what you mean about losing that enthusiasm of youth - it comes and goes as we get older, but like you, spring always brings it forth for me. Lovely flowers and decor, and also the scenery is spectacular! Enjoy your weekend away and please do share...Hugs xo Karen

  9. Thank you for sharing your spring with us the first picture just took my breath away. Sarah x

  10. Hi Dear,
    how beautiful, I'm longing for the south! Thank you for bringing it to me.
    All the best from Austria

  11. You really live on a wonderful place, love the seaside pictures, I smell your Freesias and the pretty wallflowers.

  12. What a colorfull post...Spring is we had today a verry sunny day.
    I wish you a verry good Weekend.

    Inge, my choice

  13. So beautiful there in spring! You have so many flowers around you. I loved seeing your birdcage again and your cushion came out beautifully! Well done, Olympia.

  14. Stunning beautiful pictures. So full of life, vibrant and happy which is wonderful to see

  15. Splendide foto di casa tua e dell'esplosione di primavera ! Il tuo cuscino è bellissimo e perfetto sulla coperta di patchwork . Possiedo una coperta uguale con lo sfondo nero e lo adoro :-) Ti auguro un buon weekend.

  16. Un maravilloso paisaje Olympia: Mediterráneo, flores, sol... El paraíso debe ser así. Hugs :D

  17. Oh, this post has made our hearts beat even a bit faster as we realize that next week at this time (travel gods willing!) we will be somewhere only a few hundred, or less, kilometers from you and this beautiful spring time setting. We are so eager to be there, thanks for ramping up our excitement! Happy weekend, xo Jackie

  18. Sooo beautiful and vernal. You have lovely, colorful things at your home, Olympia. I'll travel to Amsterdam in April for five days with my hubby. Happy weekend, Olympia!

  19. Oh dear, you make my day! So lovely pictures...springtime...the sea....the sun!
    Take care my friend,

  20. the sea . . . the flowers . . . the vignettes . . . all so lovely!

  21. Dearest Olympia,
    You show some very lovely, happy and colorful progress made. Oh sure, there is a time that photos are a no-no but in the end it will all come together. Hard work and you're right in our mind we can do it but the actual physical chores are not the same as when we were young!
    Love your cushion, your flowers and the crocheted lace on the linen; so sweet looking and perfect for spring.
    Enjoy a lovely weekend and thanks for your beautiful photos.

  22. Tus imagenes nos acercan a la primavera, tienes razón nos llena de energia y vitalidad, no tanto como cuando eramos jovenes, yo también lo noto Olympia.
    El cojín te ha quedado precioso y la manta de grannyes es una maravilla, me encanta.
    Espero las fotos de Holanda y la decoración de la habitación con bellas imagénes.

  23. Wonderful photos, so colourful, in nature as well as in your country house! I love the first picture!

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  24. Glad you are enjoying Spring. We've had some nice Spring weather here in England recently.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  25. Wonderful post Olympia, so full of the signs of Spring! So many lovely flowers, bright and beautiful, and pure blue skies!
    Love your frilly round crochet cushion, its so much fun! Well done you, and the crochet blanket behind is lovely too.
    Thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos of what you see around you, it is all wonderful and I agree with your thoughts on Spring - it is my favourite time of year, full of renewal, growth, energy and hope, as well as flowers, blue skies, the sound of the birds, and the warmth of the sun!
    Enjoy Spring in your beautiful surroundings Olympia!
    Gill xx

  26. What a beautiful colourful post! Ik would very much like to be in your country at this time of the year!
    Have a nice sunday. Greatings from Aleta

  27. Dear friend,
    Oh, spring is just sooooo lovely time!!:) What a lovely photos! Oh, we must visit in your beautiful country in the spring, maybe it is someday possible....:)

    Many hugs......<3<3

  28. Hello Olympia, I still think you have dramatic enthusiasm. Everything looks full of promise. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Enjoy your trip to Holland, I am sure it will inspire you. With love, Linda x

  29. Dear Olympia,

    My heart has beaten a little faster just reading your post; every picture holds promise and beauty and, as always, makes me feel nostalgic for Greece. I understand your enthusasm completely. Spring always makes me feel wildly creative and ... almost frivolous! It's a wonderful feeling.

    And your pink cushions? The perfect colour in my books!


  30. Bonsoir ma chère Olympia,
    Tout comme vous le printemps me stimule et me donne des ailes ! Une certaine énergie m'anime agréablement...
    Je suis heureuse de lire que bientôt nous pourrons apercevoir les premiers changements dans votre maison de campagne. Il est vrai qu'après l'hiver une envie de couleurs soit un coup de coeur. A vous de jouer et de vous et de nous étonner !
    En attendant vous me fascinez avec ces merveilleuses photos. Elles sont exceptionnelles.
    Gros bisous à vous

  31. Beautiful photos! Spring is so lovely where you are. Enjoy this beautiful season!

  32. You are so like me and love colour in both your flowers and the cushions . I live your choice of cushions and cannot wait to see the house finished, have a lovely weekend

  33. Spring is a a wonderful season, isn't it?
    You show all the beauties which we can enjoy at the moment! Your home decorations are so beautiful, I like them very much.:-)

    Lots of greetings


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