Thursday, March 20, 2014

The excitement of spring!

Spring is special not only for its shades and fragrances 
but for the fact that everything is in movement; 
plants, trees, birds, man’s mood… because of this, 
I feel vividly alive, I feel the explosion of life which 
gives me strength and courage to go on.
 I felt more dramatically enthusiastic when I was younger… 
Where is the excitement of those days? 
Anyway, spring always pushes me onwards…

In the country house, I’m now redecorating the 
bedrooms, not letting them become a stash spot! 
I'm in the beginning stage, no photo for the moment!
The weather is on our side as we have to paint a part 
of the house, humidity isn’t a good ally. 
I have to decide about the paint 
colors, I’m keen on color but I still hesitate….

This is my cushion, finished!

 An eventual escape to Holland for an extended weekend 
in April enthralls me but prizes are so high and I don’t like 
to economize on what I habitually want when I travel… 
We’ll see…...........

Strolling along the seaside and on the pedestrian pathways 
is an enjoyable and precious pastime of the season.
Sweet, distant friends
Good bye!!!
Thanks for visiting; 
it’s wonderful to “find” you here!

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