Saturday, February 15, 2014

Early spring in the country

Even if we are supposed to have a relatively quiet time 
in the garden,early spring signs are evident here and there 
 and cheer up the whole landscape and our souls as well.  
After an unusually mild winter we have the feeling that 
spring has shown up unexpectedly early this year.
 Last Sunday was one of those warm winter days and the
 bright sun, shining from every angle, lit up the whole 
scene of our country garden like a glowing postcard.
Spring’s fragrances, birds chirping, increasing daylight,
got us freshly excited although winter is still 
firmly in control!
So, blooming in the garden has come ahead of schedule 
and given me the joy to pick up the first spring bunch.
Hyacinths, calendulas and a little jasmine were quite 
enough to make me smile and play with my camera. 
Dawdling in the lush green estate I felt that I’m not 
the same person I was once … the view I take at life and 
nature is different now…I stop by where I didn’t use to 
but perhaps I’ll share it with you another time.

This is halvah, a Middle East dessert served with 
coffee or tea, perfumed with citron zest and leaves. 
It is my treat before saying good bye!


  1. It's you really have so many flowers in your garden? Wow!! Our winter is also mild, I hope we will not see some snow in the next weeks. I am looking forward to spring ;-).

    Happy weekend! Sending hugs, Ingrid

  2. Gorgeous flowers and photographs.

    We didn't seem to even get to winter this year in our area. Spring feels like it is here.

  3. Oh, wow - lovely photos - can't wait til Spring here!! Your garden must be a lovely place to be just now. X

  4. Lieve Olympia,

    De Calendula lijken op kleine zonnetjes in het voorjaar.
    Wat heerlijk dat jij al zo'n mooi bloemenboeketje kan plukken.
    Wij hebben ook een uitzonderlijk zachte winter en de Hortensia struiken zitten al vol bladknoppen, laten we hopen dat er nu geen strenge vorst meer gaat komen.

    Je gebak ziet er heerlijk uit en zo stijlvol gepresenteerd op mooie schotel met decoratie van bloesem en citroen.

    Geniet van het voorjaar,de zon en bloemenpracht!!!

  5. Our winter has not been as mild as we wished but so much better than the East coast, no complaints here!
    Calendulas were called at home 'soucis' or worries. Your palette of colour for this post looked so inviting! I am really ready for Spring!
    I just googled a recipe for Halvah...My, this looked fantastic!
    Thank you for sharing and a warm hello from the Pacific NW coast,

  6. Hello, Olympia, and thank you for bringing spring beauty to our hearts and minds! The flowers are lovely and it does look like you had so much fun with them - such beautiful photos. I am looking forward to spring - only a few more weeks to go. We have had a mild winter, so I have no complaints - only two snowfalls so far. I see the lemons are ripening on your trees and make for a very pretty backdrop. Enjoy your early spring and your country home - I am looking forward to seeing more. Hugs xo Karen

  7. Dear Olympia,

    How lovely that spring has given you such gorgeous flowers in your garden. It is great seeing some colour after the winter time.
    The halva cake looks and sounds delicious.
    Happy weekend

  8. Oh such a wonderful taste of spring; it does bring a smile to one's face just seeing the sun and and flowers!

  9. Olympia,
    Your flowers made my heart sing today. I truly think that flowers are the magic in our lives. The rose is beautiful. Spring is coming your way, but here we have had lots of rain rain rain, and it is very much needed. I know what you mean about viewing nature different now. It brings me so much peace, and as we get older, we appreciate the beauty around us more than ever.

    Have a lovely Sunday, and I really enjoyed your pictures today. The halvah looks so good.


  10. How lovely to see your colourful garden although the sun is actually out and the sky clear blue, here today, the only thing I have out are some snowdrops! Cx

  11. Dear Olympia,

    this is nog spring, this is SHEER summer! So lovely. What a nice garden you have. You must be SO proud.

    Here in Belgium it has been an unusual warm winter as well, but for the flower we DO have to wait a little longer.

    To all readers of Olympia's blog:
    please help me to get to 222 follower by the end of next week, I made a bet and I so want to win.
    There are two handcrafted presents to win:

    A nice sunday to all of you!

  12. Dear Olympia,

    Such joy is growing in your garden and yes, winter has been unusually mild this year. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures.


  13. Oh Olympia, wat laat je een mooie bloemenpracht zien!
    Dit is intens genieten en ik word er helemaal blij van!
    Het lijkt wel zomer in je tuin!
    Een vreugdevolle post, dank je wel!

    Liefs, Gerry

  14. Oohh whaauw what a lovely flower post I love flowers. Have a nice weekend, greetings Petra.

  15. What a nice flowers Olympia.
    Here in the Netherlands today it is warm, maybe soon we have such flowers too!
    Have a nice Sunday.

    Inge, my choice

  16. Ooh I am so jealous of the weather there. In Holland it is very windy en everything is still gray. Thank you for posting this colourful photo's so I can join the fun with you. Greatings from Aleta

  17. Lucky you, Olympia! Enjoy spring and warmth and those stunning flowers. We have snow.. :O(

  18. Enchanting photo's of your garden Olympia! Wish I could pop over and enjoy some of the Greek sunshine which brightens up your photo's!

    Happy week ahead!

    Madelief x

  19. How lovely. You have so many things blooming already! And the cake looks totally delicious. :)

  20. Incredible amount of colors in the garden already , fantastic ! And I saw a beautiful watercolor painting too , did you paint it ?

  21. I'll reveal my secret! There is an Apple application which can transform all photos in water paintings! Wish I could be the artsist Jane!

  22. Dear Olympia,

    You are like a magical flower fairy, bestowing upon us such dainty and darling beauties, pink and yellow and mauve - and orange, both the flower and the fruit, whose blossoms fill the air with a fragrance that hypnotize all who find themselves in its presence. You have conjured up an image of spring in your garden, letting us look into the future of this most welcomed and anticipated of seasons.

    Happy Monday!


  23. I wish I could be in your garden right now ... mine is a brown boggy mess! M x

  24. Dear Olympia,

    I can´t believe it. Wonderful flowers - my heart goes faster.
    Fantastic colours and flowers.
    It´s amazing to look of your wonderful pictures.
    Here in Germany we have also the sun and the flowers in the garden are growing up.
    But we need a little more time and I think, the winter will make a visit to us - maybe in march?

    Thank you for your lovely words to my post.
    I was happy about this.

    Have a good early spingtime

    your Bluemchenmama

  25. Oh , how much I would love to be with You in your garden, dear Olympia ! Pictures are an absolute delight :o)
    Sending warm hugs from here.

  26. Dearest Olympia,
    You are so lucky for having such a lovely early spring in the country. Enjoy the fragrance of e.g. hyacinths; they are so heavenly!

  27. We also had a mild winter but your early spring looks so sunny. Lovely flowers with vivid colours, the Calendula starts here only in June. Your dessert sounds and looks delicious! I enjoyed your wonderful pictures very much.
    I will be your new follower.
    Regards, Janneke

  28. Bonjour Olympia,
    Merci pour toutes ces fleurs ! Je crois bien qu'ici le printemps viendra un peu plus n'ai jamais goûté au halva, il a l'air délicieux !

    ps : merci pour ton doux commentaire :-) je crois que l'herbe nous paraît toujours plus verte ailleurs parfois....par exemple, moi je rêve de pouvoir passer du temps là où tu habites....en Grèce !

  29. Oh I would LOVE to be in your lovely garden Olympia at this time of´s just heavenly with all the lovely flowers! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and I really hope everything is well with you...
    Take care!
    Love Titti

  30. Your spring garden looks wonderful it's strange seeing some of our summer flowers (calendulas and jasmine) flowering at the same time as the Hyacinths. Sarah x

  31. Oh Olympia how lovely to see all those blooms ...we have hyacinths indoors right now but will have to wait many months to see the marigolds etc. I notice what a lovely watercolour rose and wonder if it is you that painted such a pretty picture ?? so nice! thanks for your sweet comments on my blog always make my heart smile ! Have a lovely weekend in the lovely Greek sunshine...Gail x

  32. Olympia, dear!

    What colors!
    Your photos are wonderful. I love it!


  33. So fantastic flowers in your garden, it's amazing!
    I love garden, you know, and I am waiting for the
    spring, too. Have a nice week :)

  34. Gorgeous images and so colorful! We also have a mild winter, no snow at all.

    Have a great day,

  35. How wonderful to see bright colours in the garden , so early in the year. I am so pleased that I have found your blog ( via Sarah at Down by the Sea).

  36. Wow! A real taste of Spring! Your garden and flowers are beautiful Olympia, Calendula already! So much lovely colour, your post has such an uplifting feel about it - thanks for sharing!
    Gill xx

  37. Olympia, is this true?? Are your flowers blooming just now?? WOWW!!!!!♥♥

  38. Gorgeous images and so colorful! I love your blog ,,, you have a new follower from Chile


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