Saturday, February 15, 2014

Early spring in the country

Even if we are supposed to have a relatively quiet time 
in the garden,early spring signs are evident here and there 
 and cheer up the whole landscape and our souls as well.  
After an unusually mild winter we have the feeling that 
spring has shown up unexpectedly early this year.
 Last Sunday was one of those warm winter days and the
 bright sun, shining from every angle, lit up the whole 
scene of our country garden like a glowing postcard.
Spring’s fragrances, birds chirping, increasing daylight,
got us freshly excited although winter is still 
firmly in control!
So, blooming in the garden has come ahead of schedule 
and given me the joy to pick up the first spring bunch.
Hyacinths, calendulas and a little jasmine were quite 
enough to make me smile and play with my camera. 
Dawdling in the lush green estate I felt that I’m not 
the same person I was once … the view I take at life and 
nature is different now…I stop by where I didn’t use to 
but perhaps I’ll share it with you another time.

This is halvah, a Middle East dessert served with 
coffee or tea, perfumed with citron zest and leaves. 
It is my treat before saying good bye!

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