Monday, April 15, 2013

By chance, on the beach…

Saturday surprised us…
Aeolus forgot us…
Summer came unexpectedly on 13 April!

Fortunately the allure of the sea is just a step away from home. 

Why stay at home and have lunch indoors?
No desire to go very far even with my beautiful new car.

This is a sea restaurant we like to go to because 
they serve exquisite quality sea food and 

fresh bread baked in a traditional stone oven fuelled by wood 
and it is located just by the waves…

We don’t think twice about ordering these kinds of dishes 
although the children  sometimes complain. 
But it seems absurd to have a steak or a burger 


while breathing in the sea breeze, smelling its saltiness and
looking at this amazing sea view...

My little girl and her friend welcomed the fast, unforeseen 
approach of summer so cheerfully that they didn’t hesitate 
to get into the water and have the first swim… unplanned…

It was indeed a perfect, divine day to enjoy by the sea and to share
with friendsIf it were really summertime, it would be impossible 
to stay uncovered in the sun at 3pm.The summer heat 
is unbearable that’s why we went crazy with this premature 
visit of good weather.

I’m very pleased to send you this sea tribute knowing that most
of you will appreciate it. Nordic friends mailing me, tell me that
it is still snowing so I hope that these photos will caress them
warmly in these last cold winter days.
I welcome my new followers.
I must say that I am not always able to leave
comments but I assure you,I am keeping my eyes on you.

Many kisses
from a happy blogfriend!



  1. The sea is far away from here, it must be great to have the sea just a step from home!

    Hugs, Ingrid

  2. A really wonderful day near the sea!!
    XX Vicky

  3. What a lovely day. Your meal looks incredible, I would have enjoyed it too.

  4. Fabulous photos. What a beautiful beach. Thank you for showing us. Abby x

  5. Hello from faraway. I love dreaming about the sea through your photos.. Lovely. I love seafood and Shrimp is my most very kind of fish. What a very lovely day you spent BY The Sea. Hugs Judy

  6. Wat een geweldige omgeving en wat mooi om zo dicht bij de zee te wonen. En wat een stralend weer.
    Ik hou van de zee, alleen is deze voor mij ver weg. Ik geniet van je foto's!
    Prachtig om het te laten zien!

    Lieve groet,

  7. ~ I breathed the warmth and beauty in your photographs, Olympia....Heaven on earth! I simply adore sea food and would have ordered much the same as YOU! ~ thanks for inviting us all in to share with you...We have enjoyed more sunshine today~! This has lifted my spirit....~With kindest thoughts...Maria x

  8. There is nothing quite like the salty air of the sea. Perchance to dream! <3

  9. What idyllic pictures - blue sky, sunshine, delicious food, and a relaxing time with your family. I particularly like the first three pictures, very serene and calm.

  10. What beautiful photos and I love the pretty beach scenes.

    Happy week

  11. What a gorgeous photo! I love the sea!
    Love, Carmen

  12. Ohhhhh todo un lujo estas imagenes!!! y vaya platos mas apetecibles, me encantaría estar sentada ahí junto al mar.
    Gracias y besos.

  13. Thank you for taking us to the beach with you. It's grey and cold here in Helsinki..

  14. Beautiful images! Here also the weather has been very hot. Greetings.

  15. Beautiful photos....looks like the perfect day :o)

  16. Oh, I really appreciated these photos, seems like such a perfect day....can almost smell the sea breeze :-) How wonderful to live by the sea, that is what I want to do in my next life :-)) xx

  17. What a perfect way of spending a day! The food looks so wonderful too!
    Sarah x

  18. Your photos are just lovely. We also have islands of of our beach- the Channel Islands, but not the British Channel Islands.

  19. at the sight of these beautiful images I have the feeling to hear a sound of the sea and the waves were as gentle.
    That would be the exact moment RICHITGE break for me.
    And cacti ... glorious.
    Blue skies, sunshine, good food and the sea.
    have a good time!
    Dearest greetings, Moni

  20. Thank you for this delightful post...I soooo want to trade places with you right now...and that lunch of yours...amazing. xox

    1. Thank you Koralee, I'm so glad you enjoyed this post !

  21. Olympia, you have just given me a little holiday! What a delightful place you live in, and how lovely to have a good restaurant on your doorstep. I have really enjoyed my visit.
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog, I was having a bad day, but am back to my happy self now! Much love to you, Linda x

  22. Thank you for sharing these wonderful was just like going on a little holiday myself! I could remember how it felt to be warm and see the sunshine and the blue sea! The food looks delicious too!
    Helen x

  23. I could smell the salt air and feel the warmth of the sunshine through your beautiful images! How lovely is that place by the sea to have a good meal and for children to splash in the gorgeous blue water! Thank you for taking us along with you, Olympia, I really enjoyed it. xoxo

  24. Oh my, so this is how it is by you. Is that near by your home? It`s just beautiful. Lucky you. It is a bit warmer here now, but there is snow here and there.
    Wish you a great weekend
    Hugs from me

  25. Oh such stunning pictures. I love the contrast so the cactus against the white walls and the gorgeous prawns makes me long for my holidays.

    Thank you so much for dropping by. Have a fun weekend

  26. Merci ma chère amie pour ce merveilleux dépaysement avec vos photos extraordinaires... J'imagine le doux moment partagé avec ceux que vous aimez...
    Il faut savoir saisir ces instants et en faire des souvenirs fantastiques...
    J'aurais aimé être une petite mouche et m'envoler près de vous et oublier un peu la tristesse de mes derniers jours...
    Un grand merci pour vos bons mots laissés sur mon blog. Ils sont très précieux et d'un grand soutien. Je vous aime pour ça...
    Gros bisous

    1. Sans aucune intention de flatterie de ma part,je ne pourrais jamais vous imaginer comme une petite mouche, plutot comme un papillon multicolore, une hirondelle enfin, une creature tendre et belle...
      Merci d'avoir laisse une douce trace sur ce blog!

  27. It looks soo lovely!!
    Stunning pictures!
    Here in Norway it feels more like winter than spring...

    Thank you so much for your nice comment!

    Hugs, Barbro

  28. Uau!!! Congratulations! You guys are really enjoying life!!! Greetings from a brazilian in Holland! Daniella

  29. What a wonderful blue Sky....i like it...
    Have a nice weekend....ciao

    Greets Erwin

  30. Thank you, thank you from here Finland!:))
    What a lovely photos and post!♥
    Huh, now here isn`t snowing, here is only a little snow left, spring has come here...:) But it is still time to summertime...:)
    Hugs, Marikki

  31. lovely photos

    these photos where are from?

  32. Can I come over straight away Olympia? :-) Your photo's look so inviting! The sea, blue skies, white houses...just like I imagine Greece to look like. What a joy it must be to live so close to the sea. Your daughter and her friend look very sweet! And that seafood.......

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  33. What a lovely day by the sea.
    The food looks yummy, especially the

  34. Thank you so much for visit in my blog,you have wonderful blog too:)
    Many hugs

  35. Super photos ! I enjoyed browsing through Your blog very much...I am glad i have found You and will be visiting here often !
    Hello from Florida !

  36. I come via via at your blog, you have a very nice blog and I like your pictures. I love the beach and your photos at the beach are lovely.
    I will follow your blog,have a nice day. Greetings Petra.

  37. Ohh and I forgot your food pictures the look delicious. My favorite are the gamba's oohh I love them so much.
    Greetings Petra

  38. these are wonderful holiday pictures

  39. I have just one word....
    Hugs Sofia

  40. Oh Olympia! Just took my time for this post, a wonderful post which brings back memories of the time in the 1970's and early 1980's when I used to go yearly for a few weeks to Mykonos. The light - the atmosphere - the feeling - and all good memories of the local greek people, we became friends!
    Efxaristo for this wonderful post!

    Warmest greetings from the Périgord,

    P.S And by the way - thanks a lot for all your comments, and - particularly on the "buildingside" blog, with your suggestion of greek philosophy!

    1. I'm so pleased you liked this post. The photos aren't from Mykonos but they suggest this fantastic island. We love to visit Mykonos at summer, but if you really know this part of my country , you certainly have a good idea about Greece and Greeks. Thank you so much Karin, you are so kind!

  41. What a wonderful day! I LOVE sea food, so this looks amazing. Lucky you to have such a beautiful place to go to!
    Anette Willemine

  42. What an amazing place to live - looks so wonderful, and brings back many happy memories of past holidays in the 1980's exploring the quieter and lesser known Greek Islands. Such happy days, just a flight booked to Athens then free-wheeling on the ferries to idyllic islands with turquoise seas, deserted beaches and simple fresh food!
    Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos Olympia- I hope you all had a wonderful day!
    Gill xx


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