Monday, April 15, 2013

By chance, on the beach…

Saturday surprised us…
Aeolus forgot us…
Summer came unexpectedly on 13 April!

Fortunately the allure of the sea is just a step away from home. 

Why stay at home and have lunch indoors?
No desire to go very far even with my beautiful new car.

This is a sea restaurant we like to go to because 
they serve exquisite quality sea food and 

fresh bread baked in a traditional stone oven fuelled by wood 
and it is located just by the waves…

We don’t think twice about ordering these kinds of dishes 
although the children  sometimes complain. 
But it seems absurd to have a steak or a burger 


while breathing in the sea breeze, smelling its saltiness and
looking at this amazing sea view...

My little girl and her friend welcomed the fast, unforeseen 
approach of summer so cheerfully that they didn’t hesitate 
to get into the water and have the first swim… unplanned…

It was indeed a perfect, divine day to enjoy by the sea and to share
with friendsIf it were really summertime, it would be impossible 
to stay uncovered in the sun at 3pm.The summer heat 
is unbearable that’s why we went crazy with this premature 
visit of good weather.

I’m very pleased to send you this sea tribute knowing that most
of you will appreciate it. Nordic friends mailing me, tell me that
it is still snowing so I hope that these photos will caress them
warmly in these last cold winter days.
I welcome my new followers.
I must say that I am not always able to leave
comments but I assure you,I am keeping my eyes on you.

Many kisses
from a happy blogfriend!


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