Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ready for the show

If you are almost 11 years old, if the world still seems 
magical in your eyes, then you are justified in living only 
according to your heart. Everything seems to be 
magnified,life is exciting and the only concern is the 
upcoming event. 
For seven years in a row, in early July, tension and strain 
accompany the sweet dreams of a little ballerina during 
the last ten days of intensive rehearsals. 
The Swan lake waltz was in program this year for the 
pre-pointe ballet class. For the higher classes, the 
show program included music inspired by cinema. 
So, the little swan  did it all by herself. She chose 
the chignon, she made-up, painted her nails, got dressed 
and prepared her provisions for back stage. 
She has been comprehensive even in moments of crisis 
and total despair when the teacher 
 compared them to …turkeys rather than swans!!!...
She is growing up, time flies and although  it’s absolutely 
normal, deep inside I regret she is leaving childhood behind.
Anyway, the important thing is to live beautifully, 
to have strength and faith to principles you believe in.
Children built their personality according to what 
we adults offer to them and art is a way of loving life.  

I’m leaving you with these words.

Childhood is the world of miracle or of magic: it is as if 
creation rose luminously out of the night, all new and 
fresh and astonishing. Childhood is over the moment things 
are no longer astonishing. When the world gives you a 
feeling of "déjà vu," when you are used to existence, 
you become an adult.
Eugene Ionesco

Art must be an expression of love.
Marc Chagal

There will be another post and I deserve a pause for August. 
Hope you are fully enjoying summer days wherever you are. 


  1. Your words are so wonderful!! Children grow to adulthood, develop and make their own choice. Ultimately, happiness and health are the most important things in life. She is a true beauty, the pictures are amazing.

    Wish you a wonderful summer, enjoy it!! Have a good time! Hugs, Ingrid

  2. Thank you for reminding us of the precious nature of childhood. It's always good to remember when raising our sweet, future adults. Your pictures are exquisite and touch a soft spot within me as my eldest, now a school-leaver, is passionate about her ballet classes.


  3. Dearest Olympia,
    Yes, watching your girl changing from child into a teenager makes one melancholic but you did reach her so much of love and especially the appreciation of art. That she can play a role in this will definitely underline her character for her entire life. You wrote it down so well; swans that look like turkeys at times. But she learned how to be more graceful at all cost. It is hard work and lots of practice but also perfect character building! Her swan-like personality will always shine through and make her Mama-swan beam with pride.
    Enjoy your summer!

  4. Dear Olympia,

    what a wonderful post from you. Full of fantastics pictures and lovely words.
    Children can be so free, so blithe and they are able to see the life with others eyes. This ist a wonderful gift. Your little daughter is growing up like my children.
    It´s unbelievable for us - we will be old. The children makes their own life.Without us.
    You can be proud of your daughter - she is a star.
    Enjoy your summertime with your familiy and we hear you again.


    Your Bluemchenmama
    (who loves little ballerinas :0) )

  5. Dear Olympia,
    The ballet is so graceful and flows with beauty, and your daughter looks so precious in her white outfit. The only ballet that I've seen is the Nutcracker, and my girls attend it every year. I really love these pictures. They are soft, and show all the magic on the stage. The bright pink adds a bit of color to the pictures. I hope she did well in this ballet show and that her night was one she will always remember.


  6. Such beautiful pictures you have shared with us. You must have been so proud watching your daughter. Sarah x

  7. What seems to me wonderful that your daughter every year looks to be another year older sees growth in its ambition of ballet and gives a wonderful performance. While the melancholy that touches the innocence of her childhood and gradually lost in puberty will slip. But that will be a good time again.
    But she looked ravishing as a ballet artist!
    I wish you a wonderful holiday and see you in August!

    Love, Gerry

  8. What beautiful pictures, you have captured it all so very well. It's bittersweet to see them growing up isn't it. I hope you have a lovely summer. CJ xx

  9. Hi Olympia,

    Wat een PRACHTIGE jonge ballerina, op weg
    naar de volwassenheid. Balletdansen geeft zoveel
    vreugde en charme aan het leven.

    De foto's zijn fantastisch mooi en van grote klasse!!!

    Geniet van een mooie zomer.

    Lieve groeten,

  10. How beautiful! Your lovely daughter is turning into a graceful swan before your eyes - a proud moment and testimony to your loving guidance. Yes, it is sad to see the magic of childhood left behind, but with many beautiful moments yet to come! Such a lovely post - with love xo Karen

  11. Your lovely daughter is growing up, and she is very fortunate that she has a mother who understands that she is on the brink of womanhood and all that it entails. For the moment she can bask in the beautiful moments of being part of a wonderful ballet routine from Swan Lake. Precious magical moments for you all to enjoy and remember.

  12. What a lovely post, Olympia. Your daughter is really growing up. These photos are beautiful.

  13. So beautiful, Olympia. Lovely words and pictures. I love your post. Happy weekend!

  14. Your daughter is a wonderful ballerina,
    she has great talent. You can feel proud
    as mom. Lovely photos.

  15. Oh Olympia, beautiful girl and beautiful words! My son is eleven years old too, and I feel like you. I like the text of Ionesco, I agree with him 100%. A big hug and enjoy your holidays.

  16. Simply beautiful Olympia.
    How lovely all the little ballerinas look.. elegant and enjoying it all.
    Magical days for them to remember, full of love and enthusiasm.
    Ahh... if only I could be 11 again.
    wishing you happy holidays.

  17. Dear Olympia,

    Along with the title of the show, 'When Dance Meets Cinema', and thus, drama, your images are in tune with the theme, as they are dramatic in their presentation, ambiance and mood. I'm sure the performance was equally so, and more. Your little ballerina is beautiful and just as graceful, I'm certain. Have a lovely holiday; enjoy!


  18. Yes I´m ready for the show...and oh dear, so beautiful photo´s!
    Today we have more "normal" temperatur here, that´s nice...and I shall not complain when I read about your degrees Olympia!
    Have a lovely weekend and take care,

  19. So so beautiful your little ballerina!
    I love to capture those moments and scenes!
    Thanks for these great impressions and the wonderful
    text of Eugene Ionesco!
    Have a nice weekend,

  20. Dear Olympia,

    Your little Ballerina is so very beautiful and what a wonderful time dancing in the show, must be for her.
    How proud you will be watching her.
    Happy weekend and enjoy the summer

  21. Such beautiful ballet pictures, and your little ballerina looks perfect. I hope she enjoys the show and these very special moments of her childhood. Wishing you a wonderful summer, Olympia!
    Helen xox

  22. Such a beautiful little ballerina, it looks like in a fairy tale.

  23. What a beautiful post. I love the photo's of your daughter! You must have been very proud!
    Enjoy the summer. Greatings from Aleta

  24. Dearest Olympia,
    the photos of your daughter as a beautiful swan are stunning! You must be so proud of her! It is of course not always easy for a mother's heart to see that ​​the child is becoming an adult - but it is wonderful, too, to see that we can dismiss one day an independent and happy grown up life into the world...
    Warmest hugs, Traude

  25. Hi Olympia, thanks for sharing those beautiful photos. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  26. Dear Olympia,

    I'm stunned and all lost for words. So beautiful my friend! Your beautiful daughter, your amazing pictures, your loving words and the pure magic of art, dreams and passion. Thank you so much for sharing sweet Olympia!♥

    Take care sweetie and have a fantastic summer!


    Ps. I love your new header! :)

  27. Olympia, thank you for this beautiful post!!♥
    You 14 years old girl`s hobby is also ballet and other dances, too:)
    Really beautiful post, photos, words, your sweet girl, all....

    I wish you HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAY, my friend!!!♥

  28. Oh, I love your beatutiful pictures of
    your daughter! <3
    Hugs Sofia

  29. Hi there!
    ohh.....watching ballet is like getting access to a whole different world of beauty!
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures with us.
    And also Thanks for your kind words on my blog ;-)
    take care

  30. Your photos capture the magic and artistry of ballet beautifully and I like your little ballerina dressed in feathers and a white tutu. She is beginning to leave childhood behind, as you said.

  31. Your photography is just beautiful :) My daughters are 24 and 15--they grow up so fast. These photos will be treasures as she grows older.

  32. nice blog i found you true other bloggers
    will visit more...blessings

  33. ihre tochter ist soooo süß!!! alles liebe von angie


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