Saturday, September 6, 2014

Relaxing in the country house

A newfound experience. Owning a second home where summer 
days went by so fast and in full nonchalance. 
This is the first summer that we felt how wonderful is 
to escape easily from the hubbub of everyday life, 
to just up and go to our own refuge with little 
preparation .The country home becomes more and more 
beautiful as a lot of work has been done but 
there is still much to do.

I have blended strong colours by painting the garden table 
and chairs burgundy, green ,orange ,blue so that it gives 
the impression of a playground or something like that!
Ha-ha … Anyway, it’s nothing definite in this world...

For me pleasure means decoration, turning out some old items
 and giving them a second chance. My husband’s joy consists 
of tinkering and gardening as well and enjoys all productive 
ways that this residence has to offer him.
No pressure, no schedule and the fact that this vacation 
home is half an hour from our home town is so convenient.

A pergola was built in the backyard where climbing plants 
are supposed to cover it. Wisteria, bougainvillea and yellow 
jasmine seem to like the new area but they are probably 
reserving their beauties for next year. 

An ordinary, humble bunch from my little cutting garden
 but quite radiant as you can see!

There was a generous harvest of 
apricots and oranges this year.

And the top activity of the season.... Crocheting!!!
Yes, I decided that my favorite pastime is henceforth 
c r o c h e t i n g. 
And I don't joke when I take decisions...
I have made two little blankets and three pillows! 
The only (?) problem is that I insist on not having a 
concrete project and my improvisation isn’t always 
successful. In any case, I'm open to suggestions 
and comments...

It was a summer in constant motion, rich and various
 in impressions, feelings and reconsideration. 
May the new season brings freshness and new fragrances 
not only in the air!

Until next 
and a selfie! 

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