Saturday, September 6, 2014

Relaxing in the country house

A newfound experience. Owning a second home where summer 
days went by so fast and in full nonchalance. 
This is the first summer that we felt how wonderful is 
to escape easily from the hubbub of everyday life, 
to just up and go to our own refuge with little 
preparation .The country home becomes more and more 
beautiful as a lot of work has been done but 
there is still much to do.

I have blended strong colours by painting the garden table 
and chairs burgundy, green ,orange ,blue so that it gives 
the impression of a playground or something like that!
Ha-ha … Anyway, it’s nothing definite in this world...

For me pleasure means decoration, turning out some old items
 and giving them a second chance. My husband’s joy consists 
of tinkering and gardening as well and enjoys all productive 
ways that this residence has to offer him.
No pressure, no schedule and the fact that this vacation 
home is half an hour from our home town is so convenient.

A pergola was built in the backyard where climbing plants 
are supposed to cover it. Wisteria, bougainvillea and yellow 
jasmine seem to like the new area but they are probably 
reserving their beauties for next year. 

An ordinary, humble bunch from my little cutting garden
 but quite radiant as you can see!

There was a generous harvest of 
apricots and oranges this year.

And the top activity of the season.... Crocheting!!!
Yes, I decided that my favorite pastime is henceforth 
c r o c h e t i n g. 
And I don't joke when I take decisions...
I have made two little blankets and three pillows! 
The only (?) problem is that I insist on not having a 
concrete project and my improvisation isn’t always 
successful. In any case, I'm open to suggestions 
and comments...

It was a summer in constant motion, rich and various
 in impressions, feelings and reconsideration. 
May the new season brings freshness and new fragrances 
not only in the air!

Until next 
and a selfie! 


  1. Hi there! Well this was a very beautiful summerhouse I must lovely! The colors are great - happy colors!
    Your lovely pictures is a pleasure to look at Olympia....
    Take care my friend,

  2. What a nice summerhouse...with so many beautiful colours.
    Nice selfie....

    Inge, my choice

  3. I love the sunny bright colours of your summerhouse, it must be a wonderful place to spend the holidays. Your crocheted pillows look great too.

  4. Beautiful collection of photos, as usual. Lovely apricots and oranges too. The crocheting reminded me of things I used to make, a while ago now, I had a craze on crocheting!

  5. Dear Olympia,

    What a lovely summer house you have and must be wonderful escaping here to relax. Love all the pretty bright colours, your flowers, and the crocheted blankets are lovely. The selfie is great
    Happy Sunday

  6. Oh no!! So beautiful! Stunning! Dear Olympia, I'm speechless... Sunny Sunday!

  7. Dear Olympia,

    Your summer house, blushing, with beautiful, bold colours, is a refreshing treat for tired eyes! I so enjoyed these charming photos of vibrant vignettes and quiet corners, all sharing your unmistakable stamp of whimsical romance!

    Happy Sunday!


  8. Beautiful ! I love all of your colors and personal touches.
    Happy Sunday hugs

  9. Piena di charme, colore e personalità la tua casa in the country, bella ed accogliente....e non avevo dubbi ! Riconosco molte cose simili a quelli che possiedo anch'io nella mia seconda casa ed una passione uguale alla tua per le cose vecchie che prendono vita con un po di colore. Non so lavorare all'uncinetto, e quello te lo invidio , mi piacciono tanto i tuoi lavori. Abbraccio

  10. Awesome photos. What a luxury to have a second home for vacation and weekends. It seems very cosy with all your crochet subjects.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.
    Donna G.

  11. What a wonderful place to relax in... beautiful flowers too! Cx

  12. bellissima casa!e bellissimi i colori! calore ed allegria, gioia e freschezza, ecco cosa m'ispira! complimenti!

  13. This is your second little paradise...I can imagine it's a wonderful place to relax!

    Happy Sunday, Olympia. Sending hugs, Ingrid

  14. Hello Olympia! Me encantan esas cortinas blancas de ganchillo. :))

  15. Hello Olympia,

    It is such fun to have a second home that one can escape to without too much bother. In this way, one can have so many holidays in a year!

    Clearly you are enjoying your second home very much. It is great to be able to do different things there and for life to take on a gentler pace. The colourful chairs are such fun. Eating outdoors must be a real pleasure!

  16. What a fantastic place you have here. Love it. Your croceting are so beautiful.

    Hugs from here

  17. Hello Olympia, So beautiful is your summer home in the country. We came close to having our home in the country there - but as I've written about in the blog, the deal fell through just as we were so close to closing and our Greek daydream awoke with jarring reality. So please keep the posts coming and I will live vicariously through your beautiful home and harvest. Your bright decor is beautiful!!

  18. What a WONDERFUL summer-escape full of pretty colors - I love it very much, dearest Olympia!
    Sorry, I'll keep this as short today - yesterday I had a lovely, but busy working as a "classic car rally-photographer" ... and I'm a bit tired today...
    Hugs and happy new week, Traude

  19. I'm glad you have found such joy and peace in your country home. It looks delightful! Sarah x

  20. Dearest Olympia,
    That works great for both of you to escape from the humdrum of daily life. Your husband loves the garden part, while you are making the lovely home more and more cozy into a true nest.
    A happy nest with lots of color.
    Sending you hugs,

    PS for such a bountiful apricot harvest and oranges I would love to move too...

  21. Dear Olympia,

    What a colourful second home you have! I really like it! Love the different chairs, the bright colours and your home made pillows and blankets. Great selfie too!!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  22. I loved this post, Olympia! Such wonderful colours in your amazing country home, and how lovely that it is not very far so you can easily get there. Your painted chairs look lovely, and there are a lot of wonderful crochet pictures to enjoy here too! I'm glad to hear you are loving crochet too :) And what a great selfie!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  23. Chère Olympia!
    Une maison pleine de beauté et soleil!
    J'aime ton petit lezard avec cette plante!!!
    Et les crochets sont superbes!!!!
    Passe une bonne semaine et à bientôt!
    Je t' embrasse!

  24. danke für die vielen wunderschönen bilder!!! ich liebe ihre handarbeiten, die blumen und ihre dekoration!!! alles liebe von angie aus deutschland

  25. How delightful this little retreat is! A visual feast for us and a quiet and peaceful escape for you and your family! You have added the feminine touch, Dear Olympia - lovely pillows, blankets, colorful chairs, and even your very own handcrafts. Truly lovely - I enjoyed my visit. So cute to see your selfie, too <3 Hugs xo Karen

  26. Oh my dear! this is truly an enchanted retreat! What a wonderful thing, to have a second home to fix up and make pretty with your talent for decorating. It is beautiful. I am crazy about the colors---and that pergola---sigh--
    I really loved seeing your lovely crocheted pillows. Someday, I would love to take up crochet again. I don't think it's like riding a bike however, because I know I will have to relearn it all again :)
    Thank you for sharing your pretty escape with us.
    hugs from here...
    Your comment about my garden made my day!

  27. Dear Olympia,
    Your country home is simply wonderful. It has lovely bold colors, cheerful, cozy, warm, and it says "welcome" to me. I love it all! You are very lucky to be able to have two homes to cherish.


  28. Hello Olympia,
    it is again so wonderful colorful summery photos.
    I also admire your pillows and blankets, they are gorgeous.
    I just also started on a crochet blanket in various shades of gray.
    But I'm so impatient, it takes always so indefinitely until they are done ... at least for me; 0)
    At the same time I started on a small Granny Blanket.
    Lol ... I start equal to 2 wahnsinns projects.
    the house color and I really like. It reflects the sunlight so beautiful and brings the same good humor.
    Wish you a pleasant time and still great crochet projects.
    Greetings, Moni

  29. Sweet Olympia, your country house looks absolutely amazing. So beautiful! And how wonderful to have this lovely plac eto get away to and just be. Lovely!

    Take care my dear and thank you so very much for your always heartwarming comments on my blog.You're a star!♥


  30. Dear Olympia,

    What a lovely interior!!! So sweet!! Wonderful colours!! really beautiful!!♥♥

    I wish you all the best for September!:)

    Many, many hugs, Marikki

  31. You are absolutely right, Olympia, a summer house close to your home town is perfect for the holidays but also for the weekends!
    I always enjoy your beautiful photos and the lovely colours in your decoration! Your crochet works are so cute!!!!
    And I also liked the different colourful chairs under your husband did exactly the same under our pergola!!!!!
    I wish you a good school year to you and to your daughter!

  32. Hi and thankyou for your nice message on my blog, what a beautiful blog you have.
    Warm and colorful.
    Greece are beautiful I love the country and the food!

    Best regards from me Ewa :)

  33. It looks like a very charming country house with an interesting and beautiful garden, dear Olympia. Great job with your paintwork, the colors together with a deep blue Greek sky - simply perfect!
    And the crocheting - Love each individual piece! Well done - keep going!
    Tres amicalement,

    Sorry for long absence and lack of commenting. The whole year was - and still is to some extend - a bit hectic here. Terrible and the most weird weather, lots of guests (the last ones have just left), and I'm making "tabula rasa".... Trying to get back some order.
    And trying to get back to the blog world more regular, well - at least I'll try.
    Thank you very much for still visiting my blog and your always friendly and interesting comments. I do appreciate!

  34. I love this wonderful place!!!!
    Best regards

  35. Oh my Olympia, your country house is everything I ever hoped for in a vacation home... What a happy place. So full of natural beauty and charm and you have done an amazing job decorating it. The perfect spot to relax and crochet. And how wonderful to be able to have such delicious fruit right in your backyard. I enjoyed each and every spectacular photo. It was a great tour my friend.

    Thank you for your visits. I do appreciate your time and sweet words.

    Wishing you a lovely autumn.



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