Tuesday, September 16, 2014

4 km from the moon

My friends know how passionate I am about celestial 
matters and they aren't surprised when sometimes 
I steer the conversation in that direction. I'm not 
an expert but the unknown fascinates me

On Saturday 5 September, the National Οbservatory 
of Athens held an open night for the public to be able 
to enjoy the harvest moon. 

The Observatory is located on the slopes of 
the Hill of the Nymphs and was built in 1829. It was 
financed by Baron Simon Sinas and designed by Danish 
architect Theophil Hansen who created a neoclassical 
domed structure with a cross-shaped floorplan.

Using an old telescope “ Doridis” dating back to 1900, 
I was lucky to view the moon from a distance of 4 kms
and have a virtual stroll around the sea of tranquillity, 
observe the Saturn and detect constellations. 
My imagination took wings and flew off ... I think that
 we can't appreciate our planet unless we step out of it. 

Outside the observatory, the Hellenic Astronomical 
Association had provided many mobile, digital telescopes 
which also offered majestic views of la luna! 

Even for those who prefer to look downward, the sight 
of Athens crowned by the glorious Acropolis was 
breathtaking. Illuminated by the moon and the stars, 
the capital shimmered magically and my spirit 
returned to earth peacefully. 

In the same area, there is Pnyx, a small, rocky place, 
the ancient remain of the Assembly where the Athenians
used to gather to talk and take decisions. 
It was the meeting place of one of the world's earliest 
known democratic legislatures, the Athenian assembly. 

This neighborhood has its own distinctive flair and offers 
one of the best views over the ancient Agora and Parthenon.

The photos below were taken on the way to 
the Observatory. 

I'm glad you could join me on this virtual experience. 
Does anyone else share my passion?
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