Friday, March 6, 2015

A head start on spring

Spring is heading our way, super! Τhe fact is that she is coming 
lightning fast so that I find myself racing behind her. Again! 
Such a stressful feeling, isn’t? 
It was snowing and raining pitchforks a week ago! 
And one morning you just get up with birds singing merrily,
with sun’s cheer gleaming and with beautiful flowers blooming...
I get the message, no time to waste. But, scheduling tasks 
is not the easiest thing in this world, what with family
and professional obligations. Ι'm changing the decor inside 
both homes! 
And the worst thing is all the gardening jobs that must be done
 Raking, trimming, fertilizing, seeding, cleaning up. 

We tend two gardens and that makes a different story this year! 
Our country garden needs an ergonomic project immediately
so that it has an informal layout which will be easy to maintain.
Sometimes, I feel guilty about skipping good ideas 
that come my way, about not being very courageous to take 
decisions on time… 

Regardless, I never do without color,
so flowers are in everyday devices. 
Yellow tulips were sent by my mother,
 anemones, muscari and carnation can be easily bought now
as they cost very little. Nothing from the garden, yet! 

Hope spring doesn’t confuse you as it does me!
Joining Karen for Sunlit Sunday,
Wishing you a head start on spring!

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