Friday, December 8, 2017

Thinking of you

 Happily counting down to the holidays, I find myself once more
 in this annual fever of preparations which I haven’t been able to
 limit despite my efforts all these years. The only place to find peace
 remains the garden. Interacting with nature, healing, getting in touch
 with my own spirit, having thoughts. I think that we will never know
 all there is to know about gardening and its effect on us and I’m
 just as glad there will always be some magic about it! I feel so lucky
 to have the privilege of living in this region and indulging in the
 garden’s delights and all blasts of sunshine whenever I wish to.
 Actually, winter never seriously sets over here. 

So, making the most of a sweet November afternoon and taking 
advantage of a shimmer of light, I took my crochet bag and 
stepped into the yard absorbing seasonal scents and followed
 the harvest of the ripe walnuts. As I said, thoughts are flowing 
through my mind. I’m thinking of you and I’m addressing you 
as if I really knew you. I feel so warm inside and so 
familiar when reading your thoughtful and gentle messages.
 I feel grateful. I’m really satisfied to savour and enjoy those
I have come to know and have remained active over the years.
 I have been faithfully following your blogs, even though
 I haven’t often the time to leave a word.

Nevertheless, it’s time to confess; some bitter thoughts I have for us,
 bloggers. I remember when full of curiosity and enthusiasm I would
 seek new inspirational blogs. It’s not the same anymore.
 Many dear friends have disappeared and others barely post.
  Things are degenerating here in blog land, not excluding 
the frequency of my own posts and comments.  


 Yet, a blissful note can be found when browsing through Instagram.
 It was with great joy that I ran into some of you while scrolling 
through images of gardens and home decor. Surprisingly, this 
meeting has instigated the blossoming of selected blog
 almost- lost friendships, rejuvenating them and making
 them more direct, more vibrant. There is nothing better than
catching up with old friends. Really awesome!

 Wishing us a continuous willingness to share, regardless of the
 medium we choose. May we be able to connect in any way. 
This is precious, I think.

I plan to post once more during the holidays.
 Until then, 


  1. Such a lovely post, filled with gorgeous pictures of flowers, walnuts, crochet and embroidered tablecloth.
    I love it all.
    Wishing you a very happy weekend,

    1. Thank you so much Mirjam!Wishing you a happy countdown to Christmas!

  2. I don't have Instagram, and my little blog is about all that I can handle right now, but I do enjoy seeing your magical pictures, Olympia, when you do get a chance to post. Walnuts are so good, and I often put them in my oatmeal. It looks like you're ready to start a crochet project. Do show us when you are finished. I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas season. And I look forward to the next post you share.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. I'm really grateful for your comments Sheri.Thank you so much my friend! Wishing you a happy countdown to Christmas!

  3. To own a garden is a treasure, and I treasure mine as much as you treasure yours . I find myself completely in your words and recognize the colors and adornment of your garden in my own little city garden . Makes me smile. All the best.

    1. Thank you Jane ! Wishing you a happy countdown to Christmas my friend!

  4. Such beautiful photos my friend. Me also think it`s sad that the bloggers disappear and go for instagram instead. I miss so many friends out there.
    Sending a hug your way

  5. I felt calmer just reading this post although this is the most laid-back Christmas prelude I've ever had I think. I love my Greek garden as well!

  6. It is freezing here and your lovely post has warmed me up. Sarah x

  7. Another beautiful post, Olympia. I see that your weather is still sunny and bright. Here it is sunny as well, and very warm, and we are all wishing for rain. And meantime there are the holidays and as much as I try to simplify, I always go crazy with the details and create a lot of work for myself. But at least it is the nice kind of work :-)

  8. I've really enjoyed my little peek into your garden, especially as it has been so cold here. I have missed those bloggers who have disappeared and have been guilty too of not posting on my blog for one reason or another but have started posting again. Some times life gets in the way. I hope you will show us what you are making. Hx

  9. It's always a pleasure to spend the day in your beautiful garden, dear Olympia! Your crochet is lovely and how nice to sit outside in the sunshine while working on your project and thinking of friends. I have opened an Instagram account but have yet to post on it - life has a way of taking up my time....Maybe I will see you there someday. Enjoy this special season of light. Hugs xo Karen

  10. Your beautiful pictures let me yearn for summer :-)!

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  11. Oh dear! This post makes me so happy :) The light, the sun, the green...
    Here it´s dark all day, dull, rainy and next week it´s Christmas! I cant beleive it!
    Well, let´s have a great weekend, take care.

  12. Un billet plein de la douceur de l'automne qui n'en finit pas cette année pour notre plus grand bonheur...
    Douce soirée à toi Olympia

  13. Always lovely to see your photographs...
    The warmth shines through.

    All the best Jan

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  16. Most of us must have heard this old saying "What you think about, you bring about." In fact, our thoughts create our reality.

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