Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zoom in on the garden...

Winter lawn, some flowers in bloom

or in full bloom

and plants just before spring...

Loulou,why are you watching me?

No, this isn’t my garden, I’ll show it to you another time.

 A while ago, I photographed this home and garden and have waited patiently for the moment to post these pics and have your comments. It’s a friend's home that I visit often. But every time I go there, I have the same feeling. Such a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere. For the moment,I would like to share its garden  with you and tell you that for these photos nothing was changed or added.

Please, enjoy!

I always admire inventive people who are constantly looking for changes. The garden I’m showing you will never be the same again! Isn’t it exciting? As nice as a house is, it becomes boring if we leave it unchanged...Hope you like this arrangement.

From the conservatory

Greetings from a soaking wet place !

More to follow...


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