Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kitchen details

I like to buy things that are connected to a particular moment and that reminds me of something special I have lived.

                Bottle from Tuscany and basket from Austria

                          My "Villeroy & Boch" table and dinnerware

                Obsession with containers (from all over Europe)

Kitchen is the place where we prepare food but this is not something that should be done mechanically or forcibly. For this reason I want the kitchen to be a place in order ,delightful and colorful. When I travel I always come back with an object useful or not for my kitchen. So, most things are souvenirs and have sentimental value for me.


                               Stained glass on the wall

Cooking aprons, another obsession of mine !

" Si vous craignez la solitude,ne vous mariez pas "

" If you fear loneliness, don't get married"

I bought this little dish in a flea market in Bruges for 1 euro!

                                     Provence and Scotland

 from Spain

Koch-loeffel from Germany but instead of kitchen tools, I put into thyme and lavender from my garden.

This is a gift of my brother ,from Turkey , it banishes bad energy...who knows? But it's beautiful and hand painted.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged this effort!
I wish you all a nice day !

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