Monday, February 25, 2013

From the balcony...

Sunday morning,

I opened the windows


and lovely sunlight

flooded the house...

Such a good opportunity to go out and enjoy warmth…

First easy step, my balcony which overlooks our backyard.

How many days is it since I have seen my tiny hidden garden?

The succulents are already in bloom, the ivy has survived
and the rosemary is in stable condition.
 Thank God!! I made some coffee and

let my eyes wander to my colorful garden...
It isn’t warm enough yet to sit out, it’s still cold but spring is in the air…

I have been enjoying these fruit trees since my childhood. Those in the garden were planted by my father, the rest are on our land nearby and my father-in-law has taken care of them all his life.

There is a vast variety of uses: eat them, drink the juice, grated them and take the zest,
make sweets with their peel, jams, decorate…


And think that these citrus trees aren’t flowering yet
because when they do….
you’ll be overcome by the fragrance!

Step by step, timidly, spring comes closer, although I can’t say
that we have suffered from a heavy winter. Rather the opposite.

It was a lovely Sunday morning, I hope the same for you..

I’m so happy with my new friends and
I thank them all for their kind and generous comments.

Have a nice week!
☀ You are invited to participate in this week's "Sunlit Sunday".
Let's brighten up the beginning of a new week!

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