Friday, February 8, 2013

A special day

That's how my day started today. A good friend was waiting in a cafeteria with these pretty almond branches ..       Great start for Friday!


                         I didn't even know that the almonds trees are         
                         already in bloom!




 A little later, two jars of orange sweet  appeared on the table. How nice are friends when they want it !



 Returning home, spring knocked on my door once again.A street vendor was selling these narcissus for only 2 euros. Yes, my favorite flowers are tulips but they looked so tender and fresh! After all, I prefer seasonal flowers because they are more natural and I bought them.




                             On the dining room table, what do I see ?


                      This lovely bouquet of tulips, my favorite flowers.  
                         What's going on ?






Somebody arrived hidden behind a flowerpot with    flamingos......Incredible

                                                           It was my husband !!

You certainly understood that today was a special day for me.
My birthday.

 Thank you all, for this beautiful day

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