Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let's dream!

Dreaming of open horizons looming ahead,
Immersing the gaze into the deep blue
Being swept away by the sublime Aegean
Hearing the sound of its waves
Longing for endless summer days
Soothing the soul with the utter rightness of everything
Feeling blessed to experience the epitome of beauty,
Of the unexpected, breathtaking beauty of nature
Feeling reborn under the dazzling summer light

Seeing the sun drop into the inky waters
Acquiring different hues of violet while sinking in
Leaving only silhouettes in its wake
The blue domed churches
 Creating one of the most beautiful sunsets on Earth…

For those who are already in search 
of a dreamy place to go,
Who have already escaped in their mind,
There is a unique place called Santorin.
A tiny paradise and if I blame myself for something 
is that I waited  until the fourth decade of my life 
before visiting this island which ιs at my doorstep, 
20 minutes by plane from Athens

Dear readers, with 26 degrees outside, 
you shouldn’t consider this post
premature, or out of place!
And, don’t tell me I’m promoting Greek islands 
because they don’t need my contribution,
especially as my photos don’t do justice to 
the sheer and photogenic beauty of the island.

 May travels be a way of thinking better, 
more spherically, more modestly, more ecologically...
Until May…

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Photo above


  1. Hello Olympia:

    The intensity of the blue, the whiteness of the white, the yellow of the daisy flowers and the glory of the sunset. Such beauty which is, whatever you may say, so wonderfully captured in these images. And now, as the sun here has gone down on the greyest of days, we are uplifted by the warmth of a glowing sky over a Greek island. This is pure magic.

  2. Τα λογια ειναι περιττα για τοσο ομορφα μερη και υπεροχες φωτογραφιες. Να περνατε παντα καλα!

  3. Beautiful photos, beautiful words.......I have been to quite a few Greek Islands over the years, but I have never been to Santorini either - it looks wonderful, and the white washed houses, blue paintwork and deep blue skies and seas remind me of some of the Cycladic Islands I visited in my early 20s - they were magical too!
    Thank you so much for sharing all this Olympia - I hope you had a wonderful holiday!
    Gill xx

  4. Hello Olympia

    You have captured the beauty, intensity and soul of Greece in you beautiful photos. I think you do an even better job at promoting tourism than the Greek Tourist Board.
    Truly beautiful and wishing you a great week

    Helen zz

  5. Dear Olympia,
    There is the Greece that we all know and love.......and dream about. You have really captured the beauty in this fantastic place through your lens. The sunset is gorgeous. I love the picture of the blue door - that is a good one. You are getting quite talented with the camera, and who wouldn't love to take pictures of this? Thank you for a glimpse of your world, my friend.


  6. Dear Olympia,

    You have shared such beautiful photos of Greece - such amazing colours of the blue of the ocean, the white of the homes and the vivid colours of the sunsets.
    I remember seeing a movie of the sun going down at Santorin and it looked amazing.
    Happy day

  7. Dearest Olympia,
    LOVED your dreaming out loud.
    You might not be promoting Greece but you write poetry about the country you both love with all your heart.
    Sure it is close to a summer paradise along the Aegean Sea.
    Loved the photo with the white dome and cross against the striking blue...

  8. Thank you for a little glimpse into Paradise! So very beautiful! I am drinking in the colors......Hugs xo Karen

  9. Wow what a great place to stay! And your photo's are beautiful as always! Thank you for sharing this with us. Ik would like to "jump" on the plane right away to go to Santorin!
    Have a nice weekend. Greatings from Aleta

  10. It looks so beautiful, Olympia! I can imagine it's one of the most wonderful places to be. A long time ago we visited Greece, we spent our time on Rhodos and another year on Corfu. It has given good memories.

    Enjoy your weekend! Sending hugs, Ingrid

  11. Que bellas imágenes Olympia, como siempre son preciosas, me ha encantado Santorini, a ver si algún dia puedo ir a conocerlo, me fascinan esos pueblecitos tan blancos y combinados con el color azul.

  12. If I had known you were going to be on Santorini we would have gone that direction instead of Ios and Mykonos (where we just arrived today!) You've captured the beauty of the Cyclades magnificently in this series of photos, Olympia. Enjoy the magic!

  13. Wow, just beautiful. I would love to visit there someday. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images in the meantime. :)

  14. WAUW...what a verry beautiful place...
    Have a nice Weekend.

    Inge, my choice

  15. Such stunning photos of Santarini.. Oh how I would love to visit one day.
    I have been to Corfu and Athens..
    Lovey post
    have a good weekend.

  16. Such gorgeous pictures, Olympia! I love the beautiful white buildings against the blue sky, such wonderful light. I have visited Corfu and Rhodes and your wonderful images remind me of those lovely times.
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  17. Oh, your just stunning pictures from a lovely and beautiful country! I´m longing...dreaming...take care Olympia!
    Love from Titti

  18. Your country is so beautiful, I love the sunny pictures with white buildings, blue sea and sky. But last photo of the birds is just stunning!
    Have a nice weekend,

  19. What a gorgeous place you live in! Your photos are just breathtaking! I am new to your blog and your newest follower.


  20. Hi Olympia,

    There is nothing on this earth that is as blue as the Aegean Sea! It sparkles, shines and mystifies all who gaze upon its vast depths. Love your sixth picture from the top, with the flowers and aloe vera (?) in the foreground and the Greek Blue door in the background; it's hypnotically alluring!

    You sound happy and rested; how could you be anything else, after indulging in the luxuries of Santorini's famous sunsets and mesmerizing views?!!

    Happy weekend!


  21. Photo squisite che colgono l'atmosfera e la bellezza della Grecia in pieno . 'Intuisco' che hai passato una vacanza splendida a Santorini ....come non capirti :-) Abbraccio.

  22. Wow that looks incredible! It looks a fantastic place to visit I wish I could have joined you! Sarah x

  23. It is an absolute pleasure to dream with You ! Half of my soul is Polish and half is Greek ...
    Sending warm hello from Florida !

  24. Greece. I love you. The beauty is amazing! I have never been
    at Santorini, but if they have an airport, I will. I cannot go with boat...
    Thank you Olympia for this wonderful guiding...I love Greece.

  25. Υes, there is an airport in Santorini serving international airlines.It's close to the sea and when the airplane lands you have a breathtaking experience between the sky and the sea!

  26. Ooh, such beautiful pics, looks like paradise!.....x
    Wishing you a happy, new week,
    Susan x

  27. Chère Olympia!
    Merci pour ton féerique post et tes magiques photos de Thira!
    Je la sais bien cette île!!!
    J'espère tu vas bien et je te souhaite une bonne semaine prochaine!!!

  28. Dear Olympia!
    This is dream,so much beauty offers Greece,many sun,heat,sea,everything is just to wish for!
    Many hugs my friend and enjoy!

  29. Hi there, just catching up. So utterly beautiful, and you are right, they don't need any promotion as the beauty does that, but no reason why you should not share it with us!! Hope that you have a good week. xx

  30. Oh i will dream and that is a lovely dream.
    The water, teh sun a wonderful Place for relaxing and more.
    Thanks for the wonderful Pictures.
    Best wishes and have a best time.

  31. Ooh my Olympia...
    This post is just what is needed for me...
    "Heaven on earth",... the word's that Greece speaks to me....
    I'm wishing and dreaming my self another wonderful visit to your beautiful, beautiful corner of blog land..
    Your pictures are so lovely and I'm ever so happy you spent wonderful days here..
    Memories captured in pictures, so beautiful!
    Hugs and kindest thoughts..
    Maria x

  32. Just breathtaking!!!!!!
    lovley lovely....
    Big Hugs...

  33. Oh my goodness! This is my idea of paradise! Wish I lived in Greece now! Such a beautiful county! And your amazing photos really did capture it all!
    Thanks for sharing! :))

  34. Dear Olympia,

    now, I know it, that dreams will become true.
    Wonderful impressionens - I still dreaming from the pictures.
    Thank you for your comment. I was on holliday and have not do a lot.
    Just in moment it´s rainy and cold in South-Germany, but I hope, that you send me some warm rays of sunshine.


    Your Bluemchenmama

  35. Dear Olympia,

    thank you for your nice comment and this most lovely post.The first jouney my husband and me made together went to Santorin, we loved it! Twenty years have gone by, but Santorin has not changed. Enjoy the lovely country you are living in and your journeys!
    Hugs from Sarah

  36. Dear Olympia,
    thank you so much for your marvelous dreams!
    These views are full of beauty and the spirit of freedom!
    Have a nice sunny weekend!
    Best wishes and hugs,

  37. I would love to visit! Your photos make it look so enticing and magical. One day...


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