Saturday, April 5, 2014

Outdoor spring joys

Life is going on but not without troubles. 
My mother’s health isn’t good enough but I look 
around me and feel blessed by who and what surround me. 
Capture a little of the beauty of the season and bring it 
deeply in the soul, this is the best therapy of all! 

The first shy rose…

The garden demands a lot of seeding and of course 
before that, there is a need to add new soil. 
An ancient cement craft was turned into 
an enormous pot ready to greet some lovely pansies.

Oh, impossible to send you the sweet, haunting 
fragrance of the flower of Easter, lilac !

Calendulas are perennials in the area and come back 
every year and multiply. Before the explosion of all kind 
of blossoms, they are the only flowers which give color
 and cheer up the front garden. 

Tidying up the storage room of the country house, 
I pulled out an old hanger and I freshened it up! 

The lovely heart hanging on the second input of the house 
is an awesome creation and gift of a beloved friend of mine. 

Sometimes I wonder if I could be like Keanu Reeves in Matrix, 
just to manage in the same time city and country garden!

Colorful and captivating flower markets where 
you don’t know what to choose! Especially if you 
are a bit inexperienced like me!

Lavender has already been cut and perfumes 
wardrobes, chests, everything…

Gardening, crafting, having lunch outside, strolling 
in the open air, this is exactly what makes me
 feel better and have a breath…

So, with this colorful post and mood, 
I hope life will do me the favor 
to be kind and clement as always…

Sending you sweet thoughts...


  1. Dear Olympia,

    How beautiful your garden is with all the spring flowers - love the rose and the pansies. Also how gorgeous it must be visiting the big markets with all the wonderful selection of lavender. Sending well wishes for your mother and hope her health improves.

    Enjoy the weekend

  2. Sorry to hear that your Mum is not well, I hope that things will improve soon. I'm glad that you are enjoying the flowers in the meantime though, everything looks beautiful! xx

  3. Oh what a lovely colourful post! I totally love it. Comparing to this our country is still grey. So thank you for sharing this photo's with us!
    Have a nice weekend! Greatings from Aleta

  4. So sorry to hear about your Mothers health, but I'm glad you found joy in natures beauty.


  5. Sorry to hear about your mum. I so agree being outside gardening, walking , eating outside these are the things that put me in a good mood

  6. I am sorry to hear the health of your mother is not good. I hope the colors and the sea will give you power and happiness for difficult moments.

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  7. First I hope your mother's health is improving. Second, I enjoyed this beautiful colourful post so much, your flowers show just wonderful.

  8. Your garden is so beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about your mother's health and I hope she is doing better soon. Take care.

  9. A beautiful post - full of such lovely flowers. Wonderful to see lilac - one of my favourite flowers. I hope your mother's health improves. Abby x

  10. I'm sorry your mother is unwell, Olympia, and hope that she will soon see some improvement.

    Your photos are luscious, full of springtime beauty. I can almost catch the scent of lavender from the stack of bunches.

    I hope your weekend is a pleasant one, with improved health for your mom.


  11. Dear Olympia - it is distressing and a great concern to us when someone we are very close to feels unwell - do hope that she can be helped.
    What a cornucopia of wonderful flowers, every colour under the rainbow - it all looks charming.

  12. Wat jammer Olympia, dat de gezondheid van je moeder niet goed is.
    Wat je allemaal laat zien aan prachtige bloemen en kleuren, diepe zucht...zo mooi!
    Je bent ook echt een bloemenmens!
    Wat een prachtige trog heb je daar, waar de viooltjes in staan. Graag zou ik zo-een willen hebben voor een verzameling vetplanten.
    Ik hoop dat je hierin troost vind, en dat je wat kan overbrengen naar je moeder!
    Ik hoop dat ze weer wat beter mag worden!

    Liefs, Gerry

  13. Hi Olympia,

    Your beautiful flowers, basking in the warm and nourishing sunshine, make me miss Crete!! It's cold here in Toronto, and this morning it was actually snowing! Can you believe it?!

    You've done such a wonderful job of creating a colourful garden, sweet and charming, much like our English neighbours to the west!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  14. Dearest Olympia,
    So sorry to hear about your Mother's declining health... That is a worry for a daughter and I hope she will get feeling better.
    You are right, this is the time in nature and in our gardens to drink in with our soul and letting it last us the year throughout.
    Your Easter lilac will be a dream; I love it so much but our climate is too hot in summer so they don't survive... Too bad as I miss them terribly.
    Lovely photos, great atmosphere and those pansies planted in that ancient concrete (feeding bin?) look gorgeous.
    Such a quiet walk with tall trees alongside the path makes you inhale pure and clean air, brightening our mind and feeling healthy.
    Enjoy a lovely Sunday and I will keep your Mom in my prayers.

  15. You are sending us a wonderful atmosphere with this post, such wonderful masses of colorful flowers . Wishing all the best for your mother , hope she will recover soon ....gardening is a wonderful way to keep thoughts positive.

  16. Oh what a happy and beautiful post Olympia! So many lovely flowers and you rfantastic garden is already in full bloom...
    I send a warm hug to your mother and wish her all the best...
    Have a sweet and calm day Olympia!

  17. What a beautiful garden you must have! So colorful and fragrant too, I bet. We had lilac bushes in our garden in France but here, I think it is the wrong climate for it. Your photos show such a beautiful area – loved the mountains in one of your last photos. Best wishes to your mother, I hope she will regain her health.

  18. Lovely colors beautiful flowers in your garden Olympia.....enjoy spring love Ria...x !

  19. Dear Olympia,
    Beautiful flowers and lovely spring impression..
    I send you many suny spring hugs

  20. Dear Olympia,
    There's nothing like nature to lift our spirits. Your flowers are so pretty, and I love the single rose blooming. I can smell the lavender from here. I'm sorry to hear your mother's health is not good. I love those purple candle holders. I just did a purple post today. It's my favorite color, ya know?

    Have a great week ahead.


    ps the came over and enjoyed your Greek celebration post very much. :~)

  21. Cuánta energía transmiten tus flores. Yo he plantado pensamientos amarillos y morados esta mañana. Es una bonita combinación. Hugs :D

  22. Dear Olympia,

    The shy rose is beautiful, and so is the rest.
    My mother is at this moment also having lots of troubles. She's 78 years old. What's the age of your mum? Does she live nearby?

    Every time I come home from visiting her, I take great relief in my garden. I Can see you do the same thing.

    1. Dear Brigitte, my mum is 83 years old and fortunately we live in the same building.Thank you for your concern, we can understand each other.

  23. I am sorry to ehar your mother is not well, Olympia. I hope she will soon be better. You are right, there is such comfort to be found in nature, and especially in gardens and flowers. All your photos are stunning here! I loved seeing the beautiful garden views, flowers in close up in the sunshine, and those wonderful bunches of lavender!
    Wishing you a good week.
    Helen xox

  24. SIGH~~~~ and SIGH again!!! What beauty you have given us with this post dear Olympia. I am so sorry about your mother's health and wish for you strength to get through your days. All of these photos were full of the very beauty I crave.
    sending hugs...

  25. ahhhhh what lovely photos Olympia ! I hope your mother is ok and I'm sending you lots of love and good wishes!! I think it's good to be surrounded by nature when feeling stressed ... and if there are lots of beautiful blooms... so much the better ! Gail x

  26. So sorry to hear about your Mother's health. I found when my Father's health was not good that I needed to have quiet moments to appreciate the lovely things around me and brighten my day. I'm glad to see that you are able to do the same. I can almost smell that lilac ours is way behind. Sarah x

  27. Dear Olympia,
    I am sad to hear that your Mother's health is not good. It is times like these that we find solace in nature to ease our heart's sorrow. You live and walk in beauty, each photo more beautiful than the last. I wish you peace and tender moments.
    Hugs xo

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  29. thank you for visiting my blog, your blog is wonderful that is beautiful and fragrant their spring

  30. Dear Olympia,

    Unbelievable photos!!!♥♥
    I wish I could travel there...just now...!;D

    I`m sorry to hear for your mum! I wish that all will be ok!!!♥
    I send you a lot of strenght!
    Your garden is fantastic and I`m sure that your flowers will giwe you a lot of joy!♥

    Many, many warmy hugs,

  31. Thank you for your sweet thoughts. I wish you the same. Hoping that your mother getting better.
    What a beautiful garden!! I love the cement pot:) Beautiful pictures!!
    Best wishes from Hjördis

  32. What beautiful, colourful images. Sending best wishes for you family's health. xx

  33. How beautiful, Olympia! I knew I would find lots of sunshine, colour and fragrance, in your blog. The images are so beautiful, I wish I could be there, but I am here in England, getting ready to go back to my home in Italy, Where the blue sky, the sea and my plants will cheer me up! Thank you for a fantastic post. I will have lovely dreams, tonight!


    Anna xx

  34. Dear Olympia,

    thanks for your nice comment - I like your blog and your garden very well! So many beautifuly flowers and the lilac is already in full bloom... You live in a most pretty place. The best wishes to you and your mother!
    Yours Sarah

  35. Everything is brown here. What a treat to see so much color!

  36. Such a wonderful view! It's lovely to see your beautiful spring garden. Oh I envy you already having fresh lavender too. Best wishes for your Mother's health.

  37. I'm sorry that your mother's health isn't great, I do hope she improves soon. Your photos are absolutely beautiful, especially the first two. And the lilac is lovely, one of my favourites, it's so exotic looking. I hope you have a good weekend.

  38. Hope your mum is doing better and I`m in love with your beautiful garden.
    By the way I`m new at blogging and I`m looking forward to meet other people so I`m stopping by to say hello!
    Greetings from England.

  39. Sorry to hear about your mother. Hope she get well, soon. Your garden looks gorgeous! And love the old hanger!! Your daughter in a colorful traditional costume in the previous post looks pretty!! Have a good weekend!

  40. Dear Olympia!
    You have such a beautiful blog!
    I'm glad that you found me so I had the chance to find YOU.
    I love your beautiful country!
    I wish you happy Easter and that your mom is feeling better!
    With love,

  41. Hi Olympia, my mother isn't well either, so I feel for you. But as you say, there is joy to be had in the beauty around us! Happy Easter. xCathy

  42. Thanks so much! You are my first follower. Hope we can be friends here. Hugs! <3

  43. Thanks for youre nice comments Olympia.
    Nice photo's about favorite season together with autumn.
    In the Netherlands Spring is also verry fantastic...awesome blossom...and leafs on the trees...I like it!
    Have a nice Springtime...

    Inge, my choice

  44. Wow! It's amazing, Olympia! Fantastic flowers, colours and a lot of greek
    charm, the sea etc. I wish you a good easter and hope the best for you
    and your family. Nice to hear from you and read your lovely blog!


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