Friday, January 19, 2018


The holidays brought us to the northern part of our country. 
With Thessaloniki as our set-off point, we followed mountain paths
 leading to crispy landscapes where nature’s beauty astonished us.

Brushing against Lake Vegoritida, on the way to
 Agios Athanasius village, we couldn’t help but stop to admire 
the peacefulness and the magnificence of an unspoiled natural 
habitat. The lake extended surprisingly serene before us.
 Absolute silence was only interrupted by ducks and sounds 
of fluttering wings. I burst out of the car, eager to drink up
 the magic with my lens. 

I feel lucky because ever since I began taking photography more
 seriously, I have had the privilege of revealing a drop of this 
ocean of splendour around us.

For those like me, living near the sea, able to smell the salty breeze
 daily, the sight of a lake provides a completely different sensation. 
It’s all about the zen: stillness, peace, stability and a sense of forever.
 It’s funny how some landscapes can seem exotic to some and mundane
 to others and vice versa. This short ‘handshake’ with this beautiful 
area felt quite personal as if I had met somebody for the first time. 

Travelling can definitely offer us a dose of magic filing the gap
 of our routine. Even these photos, the remnants of my visit, have
 the power to make me smile once again and 
I hope this is the case for you too. 

Many thanks for all your comments on my last post and 
warm wishes in view of the New Year. 
This post marks my five year anniversary in blogging, 
a journey that I owe to you as well. 
I wish all of you and each one of you 
g o o d  h e a l t h  and
 the rejuvenating  j o y  of discovering anything new.


  1. Amazing photos Olympia! You should consider exhibiting your work at a gallery one day ! Lovely post,too.Tina xxx

  2. I’m really flattered Tina. Thank you so much!

  3. Dear Olympia, You have the ocean and I have the lake. We want what is different. I need to see the ocean soon.
    I love the first photo of the blue shack next to the little boat...a prize winner.

    1. How happy to read your comment Gina.Yes, I have the ocean and deeply appreciate it but the lake was something new for me. You are surrounded by an extraordinary beautiful landscape but you seek the never-ending ocean view.That's life! Happy New Year and happy travels!

  4. Gorgeous images Olympia and exceptionally scenic.
    I was travelling in that area three or four years ago, and we loved it too.

    1. Thank you Rosemary! I still remember your beautiful captures from this northern part of Greece.

  5. You captured the 'sense of place' so beautifully in these photos Olympia. Mother Nature has done a wonderful job with her creations hasn't she? Happy New Year! xxx

    1. Thank you friends! What more inspirational than the greatness of Mother Nature?

  6. Beautiful to see a completly different part of Greece. I love the reflections and it looks so still and peaceful such a contrast to the waves crashing on the beaches here! You are so right you do notice and appreciate nature so much more when you photography becomes a hobby! Sarahx

  7. Prachtige foto’s! Griekenland is in alle seizoenen mooi!

  8. Hello Olympia,
    Happy New Year to you and wishing you joy and happiness and new discoveries in 2018.
    Your images are spectacular and the reflections are truly mesmerizing. Is that a white pelican I see. We have brown pelicans on the West Coast of Florida. I have only seen white in a seabird sanctuary hospital.
    Helen xx

    1. Exactly! This is the Great White Pelican, a critically endangered bird specie.So glad you enjoyed the photos Helen! Hope this year be a great one for you my friend!

  9. Beautiful photographs!
    The third photo takes my breath away it is so stunning.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the photos dear friend! Wish you a Happy New Year!

  10. Hello Olympia
    What fabulous photographs, I've scrolled up and down quite a few times enjoying them.
    Well done on your five years anniversary in blogging ...

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. Really glad you liked my photos Jan! Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year my friend!

  11. Wonderful photos, dear Olympia, of this peaceful place full of reflections, visually and spiritually. I can almost hear the silence......Congratulations on five years of blogging. It has been lovely following along with you through the years. I hope that this new year has been good to you so far, with many happy days to come. xx Karen

    1. Thank you so much Karen!I feel the same for you and your beautiful, cozy space!Happy New Year my fiend!

  12. Wow this is such beautiful photos. Love them
    Hugs from here

  13. Lovely reflections, Olympia. I hope the new year is being good to you so far.

    love, ~Sheri

  14. Dear Olympia,

    Happy New Year and hope all is going well for you.
    Love all your gorgeous photographs, looks like such a tranquil place to go to.

  15. These photos are stunning, Olympia. Like scenes from an Angelopoulos film.

    1. You know Angelopoulos! So flattering for me! Thanks Amalia!

  16. Hello, Olympia.
    Your photos are wonderful, I love the way the landscape reflects in the water.
    Happy to find your blog,
    Have a nice evening,


  17. The water surface is very calm, impressive.

  18. So beautiful and calm...just LOVE those pictures!
    Have a lovely day, take care.

  19. Magnificent view and pictures are just mesmerizing. I adore your photography . Outstanding!!!!
    I discover your blog and start following you on GFC and BlogLovin. Hope you follow me back on same. Please do visit blog. See you there.

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