Monday, May 12, 2014

Carpe diem, seize the day!

Last Tuesday, a workday, pressing deadlines for both 
of us, especially for me as the end of the school year 
approaches, hard work mixed with bittersweet feelings as
 always…Anyway, it could have been a hectic day, when 
it’s impossible to pack variety or freshness into daily life 
and when the only thing you want is to wrap things up and 
just get a good sleep! But I resisted the boredom, 
beat the monster of habit and found an issue…
Yes, time for a little surprise, a good one, 
I’ve so missed this intriguing feeling which is so cool! 
My target? An astonished man, my man, he who 
makes my life so special and beautiful.
Nothing exceptional, just a mini buffet with his favorite 
food, sweets, a little cold champagne…in the middle of a 
chaotic day, not so bad after all… And here I am, 
running to cook and set the stage! So, I share with you 
the atmosphere of this impromptu lunch, fully appreciated 
by my guest who  also had a similar idea in mind and 
was in time to offer me this gorgeous white Phalaenopsis 
orchid and who so pleasantly surprised me too.

White orchids…My wedding bouquet was made with those 
flowers, May the 6th, our twelfth wedding anniversary…
it would be such a pity to lose or postpone this date, don’t 
you think? Well, simple pleasures shouldn’t be overlooked, 
life is full of magic moments...
Wish you happiness and well-being!

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