Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What do I love

Ι love everything that can make me smile, genuinely smile. 
Regardless of whether it comes from people around me
 or from the environment, or both at best. Simplicity and 
elegance, authenticity, loveliness and generosity, those are 
the axes which rotate our lives and allow us to live joyfully 
and fully.This is my theory. Nature is an inexhaustible well
 of awesomeness. A bucket, a garden trolley and two red 
rose bushes, stimulate my hidden energy and help me to 
assemble my disparate ideas. The outcome of my creative 
impulse can jolt me out of complacency and carry me away, 
even if I constantly censure myself for being too childish 
by and large. But I love sharing my inspiration with you,
 begging for kindness and clemency!

Friends of course.
 Friends are the flowers in the garden of life! 
It’s a quote I keep in my yard. Humans are the soul of 
everything and we are happier when surrounded by people 
we like and love. An aperitif and a makeshift brunch in the 
country backyard- alas unlovely at the moment as the area
 is still unmanaged- can bring cheerfulness and colour 
on a ponderous Sunday morning. 
A hammock, some tapas, laughter, that’s all!

Simple ingredients make our days flavorful.
 Be beautiful and generous, think positive thoughts! 
Summer is on the way, another beautiful season is ahead, 
so, let’s hope for the best!

A big thank you to everyone who has left kind wishes for 
our wedding anniversary. They are all appreciated so much.
I’m not always a good blog friend but as follower numbers 
increase it becomes a little duller.
 I assure you that you are all so precious to me!

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