Sunday, June 1, 2014

Days off!

Looking at this colorful, wavy billboard,
I thought it's finally time to wind down
 to chill out and feel free to dream
of summer,
of laziness, 
of slackness…

Days o f f for me, don’t be jealous, 
this is the schedule
and the lot of a teacher…
Oh, how precious are those days when
the biggest problem
is what fish to choose for lunch or
what shade of yarn matches the sofa best! 
let's take a quick walk to refersh and recharge!

Took my bike! It accomplishes its mission perfectly
on the center footpaths, but this old pink “Piaggio”
caught my eye and reminded me of my two years'stay
 in Italy when all stylish young people, students mostly
used to move this way. So girly this one! 

I’ve never shown you some buildings of where I live,
 so you can see what I find ahead of me 
when I go downtown daily.

Where I eat frozen yogurt on a hot day like today

The palm lined Central Avenue
With 34 Celsius only the brave can move
 along under the sun…
included me!

Here I am. I’m interested in crocheting, but as a 
beginner I’m a little confused about the materials 
I need and the shades I like…

Should I buy this wooden screen or not?
It would be perfect in my laundry room and 
would be a lovely decorating project for me!
Anyway, my confusion does not only concern my 
crochet inspiration....haha!!!
 Let’s get a photo of it and of me! 

The courthouse.
Feelings of guilt!!!
This is where my husband exhausts
his energy and his genius while I’m strolling
idle and …happy!!! 
That's life! 

I reached my destination. Seafood!
But which one ?

And slowly, I find the way back but
 along the coastline as I have no pressure…

Sea anemones and violets,
So very wonderful!
Forecasters have warned of a rainy, windy weather 
 with hail storms... let's seize the opportunity and 
enjoy sea loveliness!

My stuff! 

At the end of the day, I can end up
totally wacky,
because I’ve made
mountains out of molehills.
With meditation, I can keep them
as molehills …
Ringo Starr 

You are the sweetest companions
Ι love to share my things and thoughts!
Sending hugs to all of you!
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