Sunday, June 1, 2014

Days off!

Looking at this colorful, wavy billboard,
I thought it's finally time to wind down
 to chill out and feel free to dream
of summer,
of laziness, 
of slackness…

Days o f f for me, don’t be jealous, 
this is the schedule
and the lot of a teacher…
Oh, how precious are those days when
the biggest problem
is what fish to choose for lunch or
what shade of yarn matches the sofa best! 
let's take a quick walk to refersh and recharge!

Took my bike! It accomplishes its mission perfectly
on the center footpaths, but this old pink “Piaggio”
caught my eye and reminded me of my two years'stay
 in Italy when all stylish young people, students mostly
used to move this way. So girly this one! 

I’ve never shown you some buildings of where I live,
 so you can see what I find ahead of me 
when I go downtown daily.

Where I eat frozen yogurt on a hot day like today

The palm lined Central Avenue
With 34 Celsius only the brave can move
 along under the sun…
included me!

Here I am. I’m interested in crocheting, but as a 
beginner I’m a little confused about the materials 
I need and the shades I like…

Should I buy this wooden screen or not?
It would be perfect in my laundry room and 
would be a lovely decorating project for me!
Anyway, my confusion does not only concern my 
crochet inspiration....haha!!!
 Let’s get a photo of it and of me! 

The courthouse.
Feelings of guilt!!!
This is where my husband exhausts
his energy and his genius while I’m strolling
idle and …happy!!! 
That's life! 

I reached my destination. Seafood!
But which one ?

And slowly, I find the way back but
 along the coastline as I have no pressure…

Sea anemones and violets,
So very wonderful!
Forecasters have warned of a rainy, windy weather 
 with hail storms... let's seize the opportunity and 
enjoy sea loveliness!

My stuff! 

At the end of the day, I can end up
totally wacky,
because I’ve made
mountains out of molehills.
With meditation, I can keep them
as molehills …
Ringo Starr 

You are the sweetest companions
Ι love to share my things and thoughts!
Sending hugs to all of you!


  1. I could cry with joy! Thank you for showing us these glimpses of your day of rest. It certainly looks as though we have a similar way of unwinding. I was thinking of you yesterday as I listened to a wonderful, informative and evocative radio program on France Inter about life and nature around Mount Olympus. Oh, it made me feel so happy. I parked our car in the sunshine by the vineyards and let the Greek words and music fill my mind and heart. I wish I could find some kind of organisation which I could join to help out and spend (limited due to my family life) time in Greece.

    Enjoy your time off. I was a teacher for quite a few years - two in Athens - so I know how much you need that quiet time.


  2. that the village you must have every day a holiday feeling....why is this country not so beautiful as yours...34 grades...hills...oké, we have also the sea...but it is different...
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a nice Sunday.

    Inge, my choice

  3. What a beautiful day you shared with us. It looks like a perfect way to spend one's waking hours. And what a beautiful city -- what is its name? I'd love to put it on our future travel list! Have a wonderful week ahead, Hug, Jackie

  4. Chère Olympia!
    34 centigrade - c' est très agréable pour moi!
    J'adore la chaleur et je ne suis pas comme les autres dans mon pays.
    Et j'adore l'été dans le Sud!
    Tu viens de faire de crochet!????? SUPERB! Moi aussi!
    Tes couleurs sont très belles!
    J'ai envie t' accompagner mais je suis trop loin .....malheureusement!
    Passe une bonne semaine!!!
    Je t' embrasse!

  5. It all looks so wonderful. I love seeing photos of where you live, it looks beautiful there. I hope you have a peaceful, relaxing summer full of all the things you love.

  6. Dear Olympia,

    you live in Paradise, each day of the week, Lucky you!

    I've enjoyed your walk through your neigbourhood. Now I am wondering what you'll make out of the yarn you bought.
    Have a nice evening
    (with or without the frozen yoghurt :) )

  7. I have said so many times you are really living in a wonderful paradise. The latest photo is great, I wish I could be and directly ;-).

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  8. Wat leuk om ook wat van je woonomgeving te mogen zien en hoe je boodschappen doet.
    En de zee blijft toch grote aantrekkingskracht houden.
    Wat een schitterende foto's!

    Liefs, Gerry

  9. Oh, what a blissful day. So glad everything is happiness and sunshine for you!

  10. Cara Olympia . 'Such a perfect day' come cantava Lou Reed ! Mi è piaciuto questo giro con te, quasi come esserci , grazie per averci fatto partecipi . Abbraccio.

  11. Dear Olympia - treat yourself to the wooden screen, and then you can show it to us when you have done your decorating project. I am sure you have a lovely fish dish awaiting your hardworking husband on his return home after his heavy day, and then may be a relaxing drink in your lovely garden as the sun goes down.

  12. I so enjoyed this walk with you Olympia. You live in such a beautiful place! Even the courthouse is beautiful, so if he must work at least he has a pretty place to do it :)))
    hugs from here...

  13. Dear Olympia,

    Loved seeing your beautiful day you shared with us and you live in such a gorgeous part of the world.
    Must be so neat to have some free time to enjoy the beautiful weather and a lovely place to walk and shop.
    Happy new week

  14. So lovely to see what you have been up to! Thank you for taking us on your travels. xx

  15. Ahhhh - that was fun!! You live in pure paradise, Olympia! Thanks for the tour. I'll have that frozen yogurt please :) cheers, Loi

  16. Μήπως πραγματικά ζούμε στον παράδεισο; Τι όμορφες, χαρούμενες φωτογραφίες!! Παρεμπιπτόντως , ο καθρέφτης είναι υπέροχος!!!

  17. Dearest Olympia,
    What a lovely and very poetic post with your lovely photos. LOVED the photo of you with your iPad as that's me for the past two months as my husband left the camera in Miami, on top of the safe I guess, inside the room when we left. We called the Hyatt House, but nothing was 'found'... Guess not all room service people are sincere. Some dear photos lost forever, with dear friend Natacha etc.
    But life goes on and you sure did capture some very lovely scenes of daily life in your area. Love the palm lined avenue and also the City Hall. Such nice architecture.
    Wishing you a lot of summer bliss and enjoy your crocheting.

  18. Lovely to wander around your lovely neighbourhood and also see a picture of you too! Have you been swimming in the sea yet?
    Sarah x

  19. Not yet dear Sarah but other people have already dived into the beautiful sea. For me, it's too early but I'll do it if the weather becomes a little hotter.

  20. Dear Olympia,

    Oh, as always it's such a joy to visit your blog and be amazed by your beautiful pictures and words. And how wonderful with lazy summerdays ahead for you. Enjoy them my friend. Summer break is only a couple of days away here in Sweden as well and we're counting the days. Lovely lazy summer days ahead.

    I've embarked on a new blog adventure and if you want to you'll find me at this new address. Different (in english) but still the same (me).

    Take care sweetie and enjoy lovely summer days!

    Charlie (Lotta)

  21. What a lovely post Olympia and I just love your beautiful pictures...
    Today we have rain here so it´s really nice to take a look at your sunny and warm pictures!
    Have a nice day!
    Love Titti

  22. Dear Olympia
    What a nice atmosphere. I can imagine the kind of wonderful summer day that you are describing. I hope some day to experience Greece because it sounds and looks just like haven.
    Have a joyful day

  23. So many wonderful images of so many beautiful things. What a fantastic place.
    Outside my window it rains.
    Have a great day.
    Ingrid xx

  24. Hi Olympia ....thanks for that lovely stroll through your home town !! it looks such a beautiful place to live. I wonder what you are going to crochet?? Enjoy your time off in the sunshine !
    Gail x

  25. Dear Olympia,
    Your pictures are some of my favorites in blog land. I smile each and every time I come and visit. Where do I begin.....your town looks charming, and I love that pink building! The sea and the violets are so pretty. Jess loves the ocean and beach, and I don't know what she'd do without it.

    Thank you for letting us stroll along with you around your town. It was such a pleasure to see what you do every day, and it is a wonderful world you live in.


    ps your bike is so cool. :~)

  26. It's Greece! I can't think of a more beautiful place in this wide and wonderful world to be during the summer months, and your photos of your surroundings speak volumes about the spectacular season that the coming months have in store for you! Enjoy!


  27. Hello Olympia

    It is lovely to see your walk and the neighbourhood you live and work in. The light in Greece is absolutely spectacular and I am particularly fond of our return walk along the ocean.
    Thanks for sharing and have a joyful week
    Helen xx

  28. It was lovely to come with you on your daily round but my goodness when you haven't seen such a blue sky in a long time, you end up forgetting it actually exists. Lucky you ! xo

  29. Oh how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place. I really enjoyed the tour

  30. It sounds like a great plan for summer. I love your town. It looks like there are lots of fun activities. Very funky and charming at the same time. Love the beach and the cute fish market. I hope you ever fish you bought turned out wonderful. Enjoy your summer.


  31. There is nothing like the first days of summer break for a teacher. The schools in our area are out next week and I just realized that one year ago today was my last day of teaching.

    Beautiful photos!

  32. Enjoy your summer vacation, Olympia. My teaching days are behind me and it is a thrill to have more time to just "be".


  33. What a lovely day, what a lovely photos!!♥
    Enjoy, my dear!♫ ♪ ♫ ♥

  34. This is a beautiful post, Olympia! I enjoyed every lovely photo on your walk.....such wonderful sunny sights! Your new crochet yarn looks very inspiring :) Enjoy your well deserved break and have a happy summer!
    Helen xox


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