Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The first plunge

On Pentecost week end we have launched the summer 
season by an all day visit to the beach.
You will not believe it but after coming back home and getting 
a glimpse of my photos, I realized how beautiful our beach 
is and how habit can alter and distort the image that we have 
from our reality. I mean that we are accustomed to the sea 
view and as personally I am not a big lover of the sea, I usually 
don’t give a damn! Nevertheless, observing the beach through 
the pictures, I was thrilled to see so much beauty! 

This is not Myconos or another tourist area but “my” beach 
all along the Corinthian gulf, a breath from home.

 Approaching the cost, the damp smell of saltwater and the
 aroma of the summer sea breeze permeated the air. 
The unsettled weather didn’t disturb us in any case and 
a brave soul has had her first plunge!  

The first jump into water, the aperitif, lunch and coffee 
took place in three different bistros but all photos have 
been taken in the same coastline, the same day. 

And later we were very lucky to witness an astonishing 
sunset and followed the sun’s path to the sea. Various 
colours blended as the time went by and we finished our 
day relaxed and satisfied with what summer 
has to offer ahead. 

I perhaps should reconsider my opinion about 
the charm of the sea.

“I felt once more how simple and frugal a thing is happiness: 
a glass of wine, a roast chestnut, a wretched little brazier, 
the sound of the sea. Nothing else.” 
Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek

Hope you also enjoy warm, golden days.
Sending love 



  1. Stunning! I must say I envy You, Olympia! You're a lucky woman! How beautiful. I'd love to walk along the beach... Happy Wednesday evening!

  2. Olympia,

    What an eventful day at the beach, and what a beautiful beach, indeed! Your photos are perfect; I really got a feeling for YOUR beach, it's spectacular seaside, crystal clear water and soothing sunset. It's still too windy here on the island, and we've even had hail! I do look forward to filling up the pool in about two weeks, or so, and to linger on my lounge chair, leafing through decorating magazines or burying myself in some new novels.


  3. When you see your own pictures you must realize that you live on a ´heavenly´ place, so beautiful. I love the colours of the sea and the skies.

  4. Your photos are so beautiful, I can see why you feel in love with the beach when you were looking at them. I think sometimes when you are actually visiting somewhere your senses can get overloaded and you just can't take things in, so sometimes you don't see them as anything special just because it is too much. So I can understand reviewing your pictures at home in your own time in familiar surroundings make you see just how amazing it all was. Glad that you had such a good time, thank you for taking us along and sharing with us! xx

  5. I am sure you have to reconsider your opinion about the sea...for me it's a dream to live there!! It's a fantastic place...your environment looks like a little paradise.

    Have a wonderful week and enjoy :-)! Hugs, Ingrid

  6. Dear Olympia,
    Your pictures are so beautiful,beautiful place breathtaking!
    Have a nice week..kiss

  7. Dear Olympia, wat heb ik genoten, ik hou namelijk wel heel erg van de zee! En woon er helaas ver van weg.
    Wat een schitterende foto's, ook van de zonsondergang: een sprookje.
    Dit moet je maar wat vaker gaan zien, dan ga je er vast ook van houden!
    Je hebt mij een plezier gedaan!

    Liefs, Gerry

  8. Lieve Olympia,

    En Helios maakte in de avond een einde aan deze prachtige zomerse dag door nog even zijn gouden gloed over de waterspiegel te schijnen voordat hij achter de bergen uit het zicht verdween....
    Het klinkt als in een sprookje,maar voor jou is het de werkelijkheid,heerlijk dat alles zó dicht bij huis om van te genieten wanneer je maar wilt.

    Ik geniet nog even van je sprookjesachtige foto's en hoop dat er nog veel mogen volgen op je mooie blog!!!


  9. It looks beautiful there. You know, I haven't spent enough time by the sea to really have much of an opinion myself. I like it, but I can see where it would be boring if you saw it all the time. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  10. Beautiful scenes of the beach and places to sit near the sea in the shade.

  11. Dear Olympia,

    Beautiful! your beach photos look gorgeous and must have been so nice to take a plunge and cool down.
    sometimes it is nice to see places around us through fresh eyes and you see all the beauty.
    The sunset is so pretty too.
    Enjoy your summer and many thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. Dear Olympia,

    Magical picturesr of the beautiful Greek sea! And those sunsets: the limpid, clean water turning orange and pink. Matisse might have liked to paint that... and have a dip in the waters afterwards :-)

  13. Una carrellata di foto meravigliose, testimoni di una giornata che sembra davvero perfetta ! Che splendore di mare , che trasparenza , che voglia sapore di sale ! Abbraccio.

  14. ¡Oh... viendo tus fotos, solamente puedo contar los días que nos faltan para ir a la playa! Un beso :D

  15. Chère Olympia!
    Tu me fais rêver avec tes féeriques photos ...
    Quelle beauté et pas loin de toi ...
    Quel bonheur pour toi!
    Mais c' est normale ....tu habite près de la mer ....normal j'habite près de les alpes et la montagne ....normal et pas intéressant pour moi.
    Je préfère la mer ...
    C' est la vie!
    Est que c' est ton bikini???!!
    Très très beau!!!
    J'ai envie d' être chez toi avec un frappé et regarder la mer, ramasser des coquillages et parler et rire avec toi!
    Mais tu es trop loin ....
    Passe un bon weekend chère Olympia!
    Je t' embrasse!

  16. They say that you become blind to your
    neighborhood, great that you saw the
    beauty through the photos. It is lovely!!

  17. Oh Olympia, what a beautiful reminder to appreciate the beauty around us; that which we often take for granted. Your photos are beautiful and I love Zorba's quote. . .thank you for a lovely way to start the day. (I enjoyed your reference to Mykonos -- my post today is on it and I realized I didn't include any photos of the sea. The closest I came was a fishing boat! :-) )

  18. Dear Olympia,
    These pictures are truly wonderful. I have never been much of a beach person, only in my teens, but my kids love the ocean and I don't know what they'd do without it. Your sunset pictures are simply beautiful. And I love the picture of the yellow boat with the blue skies. I'm glad you enjoyed your day at the beach. I think it's time I return to it.


  19. Dearest Olympia,
    Guess I'm pretty much like you... don't care much about the sea. We both rather swim in a big pool instead of a busy tourist area's ocean where often also a lot of sewage is entering the waters.
    But the sea has always captivated us humans and the melancholy of sunset, the biding adieu to a perfect and lovely day does touch our soul.
    Glad you enjoyed it and when we lived in Italy or went on vacation to the Jesolo beach near Venice we LOVED to walk for miles alongside the beach with the feet in the water. THAT I do love very much.

  20. So incredibly beautiful!!!! Have a great weekend :o)

  21. Oh this is magic! The beach...the sun...thank´s for sharing this with us Olympia!
    I hope you having a great weekend.
    Love Titti

  22. Dear Olympia,

    Your beach looks absolutely fantastic and I just can't stop looking at your amazing pictures. Lovely! And it's sure nice when you see your surrondings in a different light. I think we all ought to be tourists in our own surrondings now and then. It's so easy to dream away to far away places and forget how beautiful your hometown is.

    Here in Sweden I'm still waiting for the first plunge in the sea for the season. It's still a bit too cold in the sea (for me at least ;)) but soon hopefully.

    Take care sweetie and thank you for al your lovely pictures!


  23. Oh those pictures are gorgeous, how lucky you are to live closeby. That quote just saids it all. It must have been a incredible ending to the day watching the sun set. Sarah x

  24. Dear Olympia,
    yes, you are right: sometimes we need a little distance - like photos - to well-known places to rediscover their beauty.
    Your beach and the sea are a dream!
    I enjoy these impressions so much!
    Many thanks and sunny greetings,

  25. Beautiful pictures, looks like a good beach day!!

  26. It is, indeed, beautiful. I love to visit the beach, and some days, on my way to work, will just stop and sit to look at the water for a few minutes. I'm not a sun-worshiper, but I like to swim and to beach-comb. What a gorgeous place you live in!

  27. Ahhhh......looks like bliss Olympia ! it is easy to take for granted the beauty we have on our doorsteps and it's good to remind ourselves of how lucky we are .....we have lovely sunshine but too chilly for a dip!

    Gail x

  28. Hi - wonderful sunset and YOUR beach is so beautiful !!! Enjoy Weekend, hug Barbara

  29. Olympia, I adore the sea, to walk beside it and breathe in the salty air and feel alive, just stimulates and also soothes me. If I couldn't get to the coast every once in a while I would really miss it. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful coastline right where you live.
    We will be heading off to Corfu for a holiday next week and are all really looking forward to it. Wishing you a happy weekend, with love Linda x


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