Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Countryside stories

Keeping life simple, this is what I always bear well in mind 
every time I leave the countryside. In mid December
we had a romantic getaway to Arachova, a winter destination, 
a little mountainous town built on the hills of Parnassus
Despite being a touristy region, life carries on 
as if it was yesterday.

People seem to understand themselves and the world around 
them in a deeper way. By virtue of its striking authenticity, 
village life appeals so much to me. You could say that things 
are never perfectly candid. Yes! But I insist on retaining 
this generous integral part of pureness 
as a good purpose in life. 

The story is the following. 
Once in the village, we woke up to a snowy scene outside
our windows. We took the car to reach a café giving an 
exhilarating view on top of the mountain. At the beginning, 
the road was still pretty clear and dry. The snowy landscape 
caused us a flurry of excitement but alas, ice suddenly 
brought an end to the fun. The car was sliding up and 
down on the icy tarmac making it impossible to put 
the chains on! A man appeared...

...from nowhere. He calmed us down, helped to steer the car 
to the edge of the road and invited us to have coffee 
at his home, a cottage hidden in the woods. 

Convinced by his nice behavior and struck by this squeeze 
of kindness we were hosted for a couple of hours by a 
wonderful man and a woman, both retired in province 
by will. The authenticity of their simple being and the fact 
that they were so genuinely interested in our problem,
 made us think that village people are the best. 

Those simple things count the most and can bring an amount 
of joy. The more sophisticated we become, 
the more egoists we are… 
I’m not sure but it’s a piece of the puzzle 
completing the human face. 

Wishing all people and especially women (8th March)
all the best things of this world.

I will be back soon with pretty spring photos.
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