Sunday, March 20, 2016

Around the neighborhoods

Ι was out walking on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 
Strolling around the neighborhood areas, contemplating 
the first spring awakening...yes, what indulgent way to 
spend free time! Here in Greece, a multitude of tiny 
heralds have already come out of the ground coloring 
and highlighting a divine canvas! Those little heads popping 
up everywhere round off a promising nature palette. 
It’s a joy to walk and look around feeling the warmth 
of the generous sun, observing all those changes that 
seasons can bring to a peaceful landscape. 

I got to thinking… There never was a greater need for
 a genuine spring awakening than there is right now. 
Here and throughout the world… 
We all carry sunshine in our hearts, why do we let 
negativism prevail over our lives? 

A handful of wood anemones brightened up those
 precious hours across the countryside and 
chased away every dark thought… 

My little tour ended up with a warm cup of coffee and a nice 
chat with friends. Real life friends, you are irreplaceable! 
And you virtual ones, you are unique as well even 
if we don’t meet face to face.

Wishing you a great start into spring...
I'm leaving you with a great poem I love so much...

.....I will mourn forever, can you hear me? For you,
all alone, in Paradise
This is how I speak of you and me
because I love you and in love I know
To enter like a full Moon
from everywhere, for your small foot in the vast
to pluck jasmine petals and I have the power
 as you are asleep, to blow, to take you
through glimmering passages and hidden archways of the sea
 hypnotized trees with spiders that shine silver.

Waves know you from hear-say
how you caress, how you kiss
how you say “what” and “eh” under your breath.
All around the neck, the bay
it’s always us the light and the shade....

“The Monogram”  
Odysseas Elytis (1972)
Nobel Prize for Literature 1979

Until next

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