Saturday, April 4, 2015

A colorful run-up to Easter

A German woman had once decorated those Easter eggs for me. 
She had removed the inside of the egg and used natural colors 
and special tools meticulously. It’s a pity that every time I open 
the packs I find some of them broken.

So, the position of the constellation was quite different this year 
and has set an early Easter celebration. I felt a little perplexed 
when I realized that only a few days remained ahead. 
Ogling soft pastel shades and feeling creative,
I tried to make simple items seem special. The bet was to get 
things done faster and boost our mood, 
injured by the longest-running rainfall ever.

Here in Greece, Easter is the most celebrated feast, even more 
than Christmas. Each place has its characteristic customs and 
traditions but what is really worthwhile is visiting the islands;
over there, the Easter experience is beyond all expectations. 
I haven't live it either!
However, there are  also a lot of things to do on the  mainland 
in order to participate in the religious events and keep 
the mystery alive. I'll do my best!

My daughter's English teacher gave her an easy recipe 
of muffins that she tried out straightaway! At her first attempt,
 she did it all wrong but with a little encouragement she rectified 
it all alone! Not so bad! I think bringing kids into the kitchen 
can be beneficial in different ways.

Our coastline and its shingle beaches offer a beautiful range 
of wildflowers at the moment. Here is the yellow version!

May we have a blessed Easter!


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