Monday, April 13, 2015

Grilling on the rooftop

Easter has just passed here in Greece, with red eggs, 
spit-roasted lamb, sweetbreads and all related, 
classically and traditionally as every year. 
The Holy week is always a super busy time and notwithstanding 
the fact that the Easter festive lunch was the responsibility 
of my brother, there were a lot of things to do or 
to check out that kept me away from my laptop and 
your blogs. Hope you don’t mind.

So, we experienced a different sensation this time, 
roasting a whole lamp on the rooftop of my brother’s home. 
An urban “adventure” indeed! Cooking a whole lamb isn't 
the sort of thing you just decide to do one morning. 
And on the rooftop!

Who could possibly imagine that a neurologist would also 
showcase excellent surgeon skills? I can assure you that 
it takes a good deal of planning and preparation. 
My brother sewed the lamb with thoroughness and 
did all this laborious job alone, 
despite being a beginner! We enjoyed a hassle-free lunch 
on their roof terrace, feeling good with the sea-breeze 
and the warming April sunshine. 
Not forgetting the amazingly well organised reception 
by my brother’s wife, who knows how to focus 
on experiences of togetherness. 

Coffee was served inside as we were all begging for a 
comfortable sofa after a heavy but extra delicious lunch. 

I thank God for the incredibly blessed life I live 
and for those who surround me with their love.
Hope that you are also okay and have shared some 
s p e c i a l  m o m e n t s 
with your beloved ones.
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